Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Lanyards make great gifts for teachers and one special teacher I know is getting a custom beaded lanyard for Christmas this year! Since I know this lanyard is going to be in an elementary school with lots of little grabby hands, I asked my co-worker Rebecca for advice. You can use her trick […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Lanyards are a very practical way to carry essential items! These accessories are great if you chronically misplace your reading glasses or keys. Lanyards are also a wonderful way to display a work or special event badge. Today’s tips will have you making your own handy, custom lanyard in no time!

Most lanyards […]

Fun and Fashionable Lanyards!

This week is both Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurses Week! To celebrate, we created beautiful new lanyard designs for teachers and nurses to carry their ID badges on! Lanyards are a useful accessory to have handy, but they definitely don’t need to be plain or boring. In fact, you can turn your lanyard […]