Session 1

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Session 1

"Whew, it's hot today," I found myself saying walking with a few friends to the mall. It in the middle of July, just past my birthday and I turned seventeen. My friends planned to see their girlfriends there while I, went to buy a movie my parents wanted. Of course that was done in ten minutes and knowing my friends they didn't want to leave yet. I sighed and sat on a bench resting. My name is Teddy, many people call me Teddy bear, but I preferred the girls to call me that. Dark brown hair and eyes. My hair is a mushroom cut and spiked forward by gel. I'm about 5'7" and weight about 180. A nice, brood built, but not a body builder. I watch several girls walk by, nice looking, /breasts/big-breast/nice-big-breasts/">nice big breasts and a /sweet/">sweet round shaped ass. I shake my head and try to think of something else. I soon see my friends walking by with their girlfriends. They all fucked their girlfriends more than three times, I'm still a virgin. In today's society being a virgin is a /bad/">bad thing, especially to your peers. My father was one of the greatest play boys in his youth. He knew the style of how the dress, look and act. He used to pump a lot of girls when he was just fourteen. Now he's in his fifties and still pumps my mother once every week. I chuckle and stand up and walk away. 

"Hey!" a girl calls out. I look forward and tumble. I shake my head and try to figure out what just happened. I find my face in some girl's breast. I look up terrified and full hd xvideo download the girl is shocked too, blushing as well. I quickly jump back from embarrassment.
"Oh god I'm so sorry," my face blushes a deep red. I finally get to see this girl's face. Light peace skin, lovely green eyes, long blond hair. Her breasts were very soft, not huge like most girls, but not small either. She stands up and she is about 17 and 5”4", wearing a mini skirt and a white sweater. 
"Nice to meet you Teddy," she says. I pause for a minute thinking who she is, and then I recall her face.
"Hey, you”re in my art class," I say. The young woman giggles.
"Alice," she says as her extents her hand. I smile and grab her small hand, gentle shaking. She feel so soft, my heart starts to beat. We're still for a minute, and then I come up with something.
"Wanna walk and talk?" I ask with a smile. Alice nods her head and we start walking together. We talk about school and stuff out side of school. I asked if she had a boyfriend, she only giggled, didn't answer. I decided not to ask again. A rather taller woman approached us. She looked about 19, 5'11" with a quiet muscular built. She had round glasses, and lovely light skin. Long shinny brown hair and eyes, red lip stick on her lips. I gimps at her chest, much larger than Alice's. She has very short shorts, showing her long smooth legs and also a white shirt. 

"Hi Lyla," Alice smiles, "It's been fun talking to you Teddy. See you later," Alice and Lyla walk away. I finally get to check her ass out. Very round and her curves are so sweet. I shake my head and my friends are no where near done, so I go home alone. As I walk out the mall I see Lyla and Alice going into an area that's off limits. I follow them and I see them holding each other. I hide behind a building and watch them.
"Who was that you were talking too?" Lyla asks in a sweet and soothing tone.
"A guy in one of my classes," Alice says.
"Oh, just a guy?" Lyla asks. I watch as Lyla's hand creep down Alice's back, lifting up her skirt, showing her pink panties. I was blushing and my heart skipped a beat. 

"He's very sweet," Alice voice trembles, while Lyla's hand slides between Alice's legs. Alice moans, a bit startled. Lyla start to kiss Alice, sliding her tongue into her mouth. Alice legs trembles, getting weak. 
"You”re so /cute/">cute," Lyla slides her hand down Alice's panties from the front. I watch as Alice gasps with pleasure and grasp onto Lyla. The side of Alice's leg begins to get shinny. I know she is getting very wet from Lyla's gentle touch. Alice moans become louder, "Ooh, Lyla... Your sooo good. I love when your finger in inside my cunt. Oooh," Alice jerks her pelvis. They continue to kiss, and Alice starts to shake.
"Yes, oh cum for me baby," Alice squeals with pleasure. Soon she relaxes, gasping. I step back, not knowing what to do. My cock is raging in my pants, but I'm also discouraged that Alice is taken. I growl and walk away. At school I was a bit cold to her, every time I was alone sitting down she tried to join me. Every time I saw her the thought of Lyla ramming her fingers in her pussy raced though my mind. After a while Alice started to notice this and soon stop trying to talk to me. Three weeks has past since that day I saw Alice and Lyla. One day in school the hall ways were empty and I was walking to go home. I came a cross Alice and ignore her.

"What the fuck is your problem!" She yells at me, very angrily. I pause for a minute and look at her, "You used to be so nice to me. So sweet, now you treat me like shit! What the hell did I do?" tear begin to stream out of her eyes, "I liked you a lot. Why did you change" Alice cries. I was thinking why I changed? I was so nice to her, but when I saw her with Lyla, I got jealous. Heh, if I was my father I probably would have joined in. Yet, I didn't know what to do. I sighed and started to walk away, "You bastard!" She growls. 
"I saw you and Lyla. Isn't she your lover?" I ask. Alice is surprised, "Yea, I'm not a toy you know," I say. I leave and Alice is down. As I was walking home a car pulls up by me. I look inside to see its Lyla. She opens the door.
"Are you Teddy?" she asks.
"Yes, what do you what Lyla?" I ask, kinda annoyed.
"Get in the car," Lyla commands. I pause for a minute, I sigh and get in. We drive off.
"What did you want?" I ask.

"She loves you a lot you know," Lyla says. I'm silent, "Gets me jealous some times," She says in a soft tone. She stops the car in front of her house. She gets out and tells me to follow her. My heart starts to beat thinking will I see Alice in there with her legs spread just for me. My heart skips a beat at such a thought. But in /reality/">reality we enter the living room and no one is in there, "Sit down," I do what she says. She walks back and forth from me. She examines me, I examine her as well. She is basically wearing what she did when I saw her at the mall, "You”re a virgin right?" I look away, surprised she asked that.
"Yea," I respond, in a kinda embarrassed tone.
"So is Alice, what would you think if I can have you slide your cock into her?" Lyla free porn movies download says in a seductive tone. I blush, my heart begins to pound. Lyla gets close to me, "I can see you getting hard," Lyla says softly as she slides her hand over my crotch. I blush and start to breath heavily, "Do you want your cum to flow into her virgin cunt," Lyla breaths on my ear. I look into her eyes as she smiles, "You are kinda cute. Wanna fuck me too?" Lyla moans as she kisses my lips. My hands hold her side and soon rub her breasts. I cup her rather /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts in my hands. Lyla moans as she takes off her shirt. I unhook her bra and soon take her lovely nipples in my mouth, "Oh yes hunny. That feels wonderful," Lyla moans. I feel something take over, something I never felt before. I look in Lyla's eyes and smile. This time Lyla is blushing. My finger tips rubs against her nipples, pinching them. My hand rubs on Lyla's waist and slides down her shorts.
"Do you like this?" I smile Lyla smiles. My hand slides under her panties, rubbing against her trimmed patch of hair and then I find her wet spot. Lyla moans become louder as my fingers slip between her hot swollen lips.

"Wow, your good," Lyla grasp onto me. I smile as I am now the dominate one. My finger continues to rub inside her love walls. "Oh shit, your touch is better than anyone I have been with," Lyla's hips start to jerk. I continue by wrapping my mouth against her nipples. She holds my head against her chest and rocking against my finger. She begins to shake and tremble on my hand. She holds me tight, "Oh baby, I'm cumming," she whimpers. My fingers get covered in her cum. I pull my hand out and show her the mess she made. Gasping and breathing she smiles. I lick my fingers, wondering what it tasted like. Fairly sweet, a little odd. We are interrupted by a knock at the door. Lyla gets up and open the door.
"Hi..." Alice says with a frown.
"What's the matter?" Lyla asks. Alice pauses and I hide behind the door.
"I miss Teddy," Alice mumbles.
"Aww, come here," Lyla open her arms wide. Alice hugs Lyla and they move to the couch where I fingered Lyla not to long ago. Lyla's back is to the couch and Alice is on top. Lyla unbuttons her shorts and pulls them down. Alice and Lyla kiss for a bit, and Lyla rubs Alice's ass. 
"How's my little Alice doing?" I /surprise/">surprise Alice.
"Teddy!" Alice is surprised, and then looks at Lyla. Lyla smiles and nods her head. Alice hugs Lyla tight and lifts her ass up. My fingers slide up and down the fabric of her panties. Alice moans with delight and her panties become very wet. Lyla notices the huge bulge in my pants.

"Looks like Teddy has a monster waiting to fuck you Alice," Lyla says playfully. Alice blushes and turns to my crotch. She slowly unbuttons my pants. I cock pops out, almost startling her. She smiles at its size, a thick seven inches. Alice kisses the tip and licks up the pre-cum. I moan as the stress has been killing me all day. Alice starts to rub her hand on my balls. Lyla joins, licking my cock. Slowly, I feel they're tongue sliding up and down my shaft. I sit down as these two lovely girls pleasure me in a way I only dreamt of. Alice slides my cock into her mouth. She bobs her head back and forth while Lyla takes off Alice's panties, "How cute she's all wet," Lyla slides her middle finger up and down her slit. I'm in paradise, but the best is yet to come. Alice stops as Lyla pulls her away. Lyla lays Alice on her and holding her legs apart. I watch as Alice's pussy is dripping wet, waiting for me. I slowly take off Alice's shirt, and unhook her bra. I slowly suck on Alice's breasts and my cock rubs against her hot swollen clit. Lyla rubs Alice's breasts and soon rubs her hot burning pussy. Her hand is dripping wet, "Teddy, you wanna taste a virgin's juice?" She smiles at me. I grab Lyla's hand and have Alice lick up her loving juices. I lower my head and gaze at her bold hairless cunt. My tongue teases her. Alice moans, as my tongue slides up and down her juicy slit. Alice's pelvis starts to jerk. Sliding my tongue inside her swollen lips. Alice's breath becomes heavier.

"Oh god, Lyla its better then I dreamed. He's so good to me," Alice squeals.
"Oh baby, hearing you moan about it makes me wanna have his cock in me," Lyla moans. My tongue continues to lick up her love juice.
"Lyla, Lyla, Lyla! I'm cumming. Oh god it's feels so good!" Alice cries. Alice jerks her hips up and down. Alice screams with pleasure as she shakes with delight. The sweet and bitter juices flow out. I manage to lick up what I can. The love for my Alice makes the juices taste that much better. Alice pants, but she wiggles her hips she says, "Teddy, ooh please I want your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in me!" Alice pants. I kiss Alice and she licks up her own cum.
"You really want it? I don't have any protection," I say.
"Oh Teddy, please I want it. I beg you. Fuck me!!!" Alice begs. My cock rubs against her hot and tender /hole/love-hole/">love hole. I slowly side in, Alice gasps. I slowly push in deeper; her mouth opens wide with pain. 
"Be gentle Teddy, she hasn't even had a dildo in her," Lyla says with a smile. I nod my head and slower my pace. I slide in a bit deeper. Alice spread her legs wider. I at last reach resistance. It's her hymen.
"Oh Alice, can I get in? Can I take your cherry?" I ask. Alice hugs and holds me close.
"Oh Teddy, please do," Her eyes teary with joy. I thrust my cock in all the way. Alice is paralyzed at the pain; Lyla rubs her body and kisses her. My cock rest, squeeze by her /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet walls. I slowly pull out, but Alice grabs me and pulls me back in. I slowly pull back out and slide back in. Alice starts to moan with pleasure. My cock feels so warm and cozy in Alice's love tunnel. I continue to thrust in and out while Lyla continues to rub Alice's body.

"Alice, baby. Is it everything you wanted?" Lyla whispers in Alice's ear.
"Oh yes! Oh god yes! I wanted this for such a long time," Alice groans. I start to pump even faster, my balls begin to tighten.
"Oh babe. I'm gonna cum," I moan, my hips start to jerk in and out.
"Me too," Alice cries. Lyla quickly slips from under Alice and get on top in a 69 position. I thrust and I groan as my cum pours deep into Alice's pussy. As I cum, I feel my cock get soaked by her juices. Lyla licks up both our cum. I fall to the side, exhausted at the intense session. Half asleep from finally losing my virginity, Lyla groans.
"No fair. I haven't cummed yet." I chuckle as I soon wake back up.
"Does my Lyla wanna be fucked too?" I smile. Lyla blushes and she smiles at me. Alice kisses Lyla as she is now our little /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy. Alice straddles Lyla's face and Lyla start to lick up all the cum left inside of Alice's cunt. Alice moans and shivers as she sits on Lyla's face. My hands start rubbing against her breasts. I pinch her nipples, twisting them. I start to suck them, licking and biting them. I unbutton her shorts and pull them down. Alice lower her self and help talk off Lyla's panties. Alice and I kiss and start to lick Lyla's cunt. Lyla start to moan and breathe heavily. My cock has recovered from pounding Alice's virgin meat and wants to go at Lyla's pussy. I rub the tip of my head again Lyla's clit. Alice licks us both and I slowly push in. Lyla legs spread wide and I push in. To my surprise I find a resistance. I am shocked to find a hymen; I look at Lyla as she looks at me with a tearful smile. I always thought Lyla had lost it a long time ago. Oh, I don't care this feels so go.

"Oh Teddy, please take my cherry. I wanna scream like Alice did," Lyla gasps. I thrust in and Lyla jerks up. She bites her lip and my cock is deep with in her. I slowly pull out and slide back in. Lyla starts to moan like she did before. Alice continues to lick us both, she tongue rubbing against my shaft and Lyla clit. Lyla continues to shoves her tongue into Alice's non virgin cunt. I start to thrust a bit faster, feeling Lyla's walls tighten around me. My speed continues to pick up as I finding myself near my wonderful end. Alice starts to shake and shiver, feeling Lyla's irresistible touch to be bearable no more. My hips start to jerk in and out as my balls can't contain all the stress any longer. 

"Oh baby! I'm cumming!" Lyla screams. As Lyla's cunt squeezes and drowns my cock in her cum, I hold both Alice and Lyla as my cock shoots its load deep into Lyla dripping /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. Alice cum flows out into Lyla's mouth from her final orgasms. I'm all limp and were all exhausted. We all drift to sleep; I later wake up to see Alice and Lyla hugging me. Now if you guys think it'll end here, it's your choice. I do have more to write about, but it's up to ya for me to get inspired to write it. Later all”