How it began

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
How it began

Ive come to a place where I just need to write down whats happening to me. Ive thought long about how it started and, well... in the end its all an ongoing process. But if I need to pinpoint it to a specific event, then it was about a year ago. Doesnt seem that long to me, but its gotta be - it was the 24th birthday of Xi, and shes 25 now.

Anyway. It was Xis birthday, and since shes my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, Im on board. Maybe I need to say that she broke up with Ian shortly before. Ian was her long time boyfriend, and accordingly she was in a /bad/">bad mood. We went out that night and she drank quite a bit. I didnt notice that during the evening, but when we finally went to the car late, she almost couldnt walk anymore. At the time I still thought she may just be tired and sleepy.

Maybe I need to say that I drove us, and didnt drink a lot myself. I usually dont drink much, but it was her birthday, so I was a little tipsy. We were in my car, and Xi had brought something to drink "for the ride" - champagne, I think. Anyway, Im driving her home, its late, almost no cars on the road. I still know it had rained and the streets were pretty wet and shiny. Strange, the things you remember.

Anyway, thats not really important right now. Xis sitting next to me and Im driving. Shes rather quiet and I think she might have fallen asleep until I hear a strange noise. I turn to look and almost drive the car off the road. Xis sitting next to me on the passenger seat and masturbates. Okay, I need to phrase this differently, else nobody will understand how crass it was. Xi is sitting there, her short skirt pulled up and is shoving the bottle up her cunt. Gotta say it like that.

Im speechless and need to regain my self-control, and then look for somewhere to park. At first I didnt know what to say and everything I could think of was that I needed to get somewhere nobody could see us. Sure, at night, in the city, its dark anyway, cant be that hard, can it? So Im driving down a side street and look for a parking lot while Xis fucking herself with the bottle and doesnt seem to notice me anymore.

When we come to a stop, she doesnt notice that either, thats how far gone she was. And what do I do? At first I want to yell at her, shake her, try to somehow, well, discretely, get her to stop. But all Im doing is stare at her. Its dark, I can barely see anything. Just a streetlight somewhere shining on the bottle, xxx sex video download free com which slides faster and faster into her cunt.

Ive never seen her like this. Actually, Ive never seen her naked at all. Shes all shaved and I can make out her labia as they wrap themselves around the neck of the bottle. Shes moaning and mumbling something and presses the bottle deeper and harder inside herself. I remember thinking something like thats gotta hurt, but it didnt look like it.

Im like hypnotized and shes squirming in her seat until shes sliding further down and pulls the bottle out again. I thought she finally stopped when I heard a faint prattle. At first I think it started raining again, but then I realize: Xis pissing in my car. Shes spread her legs wide and I can see a thick stream running out of her cunt. And what am I doing? Im getting all funny like, feeling something Ive never felt before, like I can now be whatever I want to be, do what I always wanted to do. So Im reaching between her legs and feel her warm pee on my hand. My friends pissing on me, peeing on my hand, and I love it. Im rubbing her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy as the stream subsides. Im bending over her crotch where shes smelling strongly and start rubbing her labia with my hand. Shes moaning and whispers my name. "Mili..."

I freeze. All this time I thought she forgot about me. But she knew I was there, she knew it was me reaching between her legs. "Just you wait," I thought. "Enjoy it!" Because the time had come for harder measures. I bend far across her and see the bottle laying on the floor. She mustve let it fall. I reach for it and pick it up, its all slippery and wet after being bathed in pussy slime and pee, and seems to be a little full still. I lick across the neck and taste Xi, almost as strong as she smells. Then I squeeze the bottle in the dark between her butt cheeks below her pussy and start to push.

No clue why I thought I could get it in like that, but Xi seemed relaxed enough and I wanted to show her, after shes played with me like that. So I pushed harder and harder and Xi held her breath, but pressed against it until I felt the tip of the bottle slide inside her. I started fucking her with it slowly and rub her clit along with it and she started moaning louder and louder. I remember being surprised, as I thought having a bottle in her ass would hurt more than it would feel good, but she was really getting into it. So I got harder and faster and fucked with the bottle into her /asshole/">asshole while I rubbed her clit.

Then I bent down further and started licking her cunt while I continued to fuck her. It didnt last long, because soon after that I felt her shake all over her body and scream suddenly, when a warm stream hit my mouth. She had an incredible orgasm and squirted the rest of her pee into my face. I didnt know something like that was possible.

Xi collapsed moaning after that, the bottle still firmly in her anus. I pull it out slowly and sit back up, looking at her. She seemed satisfied. "Happy birthday," I thought.

When we reached her apartment, I almost had to carry her to the door. Inside, she fell on her pink leather sofa and didnt move a muscle. Normally I wouldve gone home then, but since the events in the car I wasnt normal anymore. So I think, since we had already begun to let it all out, I might as well do so myself. I dim the light and take off my panties, before climbing on the sofa with Xi and spread my legs across her face. Unlike her I dont shave "down there" - well, legs and so I do, but not the pussy - and my bush is poised right above her face.

I know she mustve noticed, or at least smelled that I was there, but shes not moving. So I grab her long black hair and pull her head closer to my pussy. Shes whimpering a little from pain, but doesnt struggle. "Lick me," I whisper and move her mouth to my labia. She starts moving her tongue a little along them and caress the clit, but doesnt seem to be fully there anymore. Thats when it got to me for the /first-time/">first time. "You little dirty sow," I whisper. "You little pig pissed on me while I fucked your arsehole. You like that, yes? You like being dirty?" I pull her hair back and hiss at her. "Open your mouth, cunt sow." Xi opens her eyes surprised and looks up at me, but actually opens her mouth.

Im still surprised and excited myself when I think about what happened then. As I was typing this, I kept having to play sexxxx video ful hd with myself, but before I could continue here, I had to give it to myself first.

So Xi was opening her mouth, and as horny and wild as I had become I keep grinning at her sheepishly and suddenly cant do it right anymore, but suddenly something like electricity ran through my body, and I just let it out. I feel it pressing out of me and close my eyes at first.

Then Im looking down, where a broad stream from my wet piss cunt hits Xi straight in the face. It just keeps running out of me and her face, her hair, the sofa, her dress, everything gets soaking wet. And really, shes swallowing. The little pig swallows what I squirt into her face. It makes me so horny that I kept rubbing my clit like /crazy/">crazy and come almost instantly.

I pull her head into my crotch and press my cunt hard onto her face, so shell remember, who treated her like this, so she could soak in my smell, my taste and smear my juice all over her. She doesnt seem to notice much of that anymore, and as I let go of her, she sinks down onto the sofa and starts snoring. Just fell asleep, wet as she is. I take my panties, leave the apartment quietly and drive home. Whatever was happening to me, I felt my life wouldnt be as it was before.

I still have the bottle.