Reluctant Holiday Anal Sex

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Reluctant Holiday Anal Sex

It was a great Thanksgiving. She was tired from the very long day and all the alcohol. She laid down in the living room and passed out cold.

Her mouth gaped open and she began breathing very heavily. She was sleeping really hard now.

My cock started twitching in my pants as my mind wandered...I brushed her hair with my hand and got no response at all. I did it again just to check, nothing.
I put my finger in her mouth. She was sound asleep. It must be the turkey...

I took my pants and shorts off and started pumping my cock against her lips.

Fuck she was turning me on! I took all her cloths off and laid her back down as she mumbled something.

I put the head of my cock in her mouth as I spread her ass cheeks apart several times for a good look at her shaved pussy and little /asshole/">asshole. She is about five foot eight, with long dark hair and eyes, 36C tits with very large nipples and areolas, and a great /big/big-huge/">big huge Kim Kardashian ass that I love!

I slowly pumped my cock and took in the beauty of the naked 130 pound slut. My slut. My dick was fucking huge now as I put my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls into bondage.

I tied my cock and balls up with the soft fuzzy belt from her bathrobe. It was purple and dripping precum squeezed by the white soft belt.

Rolling her on her side I positioned my self behind her. I spread her ass cheeks as she softly moaned Noooo, noooo, no...

My tongue swirled around her asshole as she moaned in her sl**p. I began tongue fucking her anus, the taste making me even fatter and harder. Oh I love the taste of her ass...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

She stopped resisting and pressed her ass into my face.

I started fingering her pussy and it was getting really wet as I ate her ass.
I slipped in another finger and then another. Soon I was forcing all four fingers in and out her cunt. It was getting sloppy wet as I tongue fucked her /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole.

I looked in her open purse (it was spilled halfway out laying beside her) and couldnt believe what I saw.

A somewhat large glass butt plug could be seen sticking out of its red cloth bag.

That /dirty/dirty-girl/">dirty girl! Hmmmmnnn I thought as I starred at her naked body and pulled out the /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy. I lubed it up and sat down on it. It hurt a bit and didnt want to go all the way in. I pushed hard and gasped as it popped up my asshole.

I began eating her butt hole again and my cock was bigger and harder than ever with the butt plug massaging my prostate. I bounced up and down on it and huge amounts of precum were spilling out the tip of my dick.

I couldnt take it any longer. I lubed up my throbbing dick and stuck it up her asshole. Noooo, noo, no she cried under her breath. Her eyes opened as I shoved it up her wanting asshole. Oh it was so tight!

Yes she whispered...fuck me in the ass, emmmmmmmmmmmm yes.

Still half asl**p she was getting buttfucked. The whiskey keeping her perfectly sedated for all my dirty fantasies.

I covered her face and began pumping her asshole faster and deeper. Deep and fast. Her anus began clutching my cock up inside her. Milking and porn videos download squeezing my big purple cock bound with the belt of her robe.

She kept moaning as I fucked her ass. She had been somewhat reluctant, now she couldnt get enough...

I exploded with magnum f***e right up her asshole. Her eyes opened up and her mouth went into a circular shape xxx kind of like her gapeing asshole.

UUUHhhhhhhhaaaaa I screamed as I shot load after hot load from my bound cock and balls into her tight asshole. MMMmmmmmmmmm she moaned. Now she was awake!

She looked around the room as if trying to remember where she was. "Who took my cloths off" she asked? Her gaped open asshole leaked big blobs of white cum as she came too...