unexpected workout Vol2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
unexpected workout Vol2

Its been a couple of months now since I encountered my new workout partners and during this time we have all become very close friends. Although we have a had alot fun with our workout /orgy/">orgy it had become somewhat repetative and routine, so to spice things up a bit we all agreed on the idea to take turns bringing another friend into our sessions.

My gay neighbor Jack was chosen to be first to bring a friend. With two laps to indian santali xvideo go in my workout I saw the guys arrive with a new member and they immediately began setting up the /party/">party area. The thought of what was about to happen made my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard as a rock and the boys let me know how much they admired seeing it. I sprinted the last 50 yards and was greeted by cheers and whistles as I thrust myself into the arms of five naked men. Jack then intoduced me to his friend Dewayne, who looked like a middle linebacker at 63 235 well built and although not too /cute/">cute in the face, it became quickly obvious why he was Jacks first choice for our party.

WOW!! I said as I noticed the size of his cock. A good 2" thick and 12" long if not bigger. I couldnt keep my eyes off this black monster cock. I wanted to feel this cock inside me but I knew I couldnt handle it without some preparation. So I saved this experience alain lyle porn for later and visited the other members. After my ass got a good stretching from all the others I was ready for the black MAMBA.

Even with my ass stretched as it was this monster wasnt getting in. It was even too big for my mouth but I managed to finally stretch my mouth enough to engulf it. I loved sucking this huge piece of manhood but I just had to have it in my ass. I was not going to be denied. The others were well involved with each other and watching them fucking made me want this thing that much more. Put it in my ass Dewayne I begged, I need to have it in my ass. With plenty of lubricant applied, he began to press it against my ass. Hurts like heck I said but dont stop. Keep pushing it in. I was slowly being ripped apart but loving it. With each push it went in deeper and deeper and finally after several minutes it was in.

Stop right here I asked. Just stay right there for a minute I said. Let me adapt to it. Finally the pain lessened and the pounding began. God this giant cock felt heavenly in my ass. Dewayne picked up the pace and in a furious frenzy of climactic fusion, shot a massive load of cock juice deep inside my ass. Jack quickly joined us and began sucking my cock until I shot my load deep in his mouth. I dont know how anything can top this experience for me, but I can hardly wait for the next episode of, "Unexpected Workout"