Tale of Intercity Bus

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Tale of Intercity Bus

My name is Malithi, age 27 years old, Sri Lankan. I have an average body appearance. My native place is Badulla. It has situated middle of the country, 175 km away from Colombo. I was working as a Juki machine operator in a garment factory in Colombo. I used to go home once in a month. During the weekend, I was very anxious to go to the home town Badulla because the dull situation of the town life.

It was very difficult to get a blowjob porn videos bus bound to Badulla at the weekends, because all the people go back to their homes to spend the holidays. Therefore, I used to go by intercity buses, whether their ticket fee was high than normal buses.

One day at week end I got into a small intercity bus from Colombo to go to my home city. When I was getting into the bus there were few people on the seats. Normally, I didn’t like to sit next to male passengers because some people behave in the public transport in bad manner.

Fortunately, I found a seat at the rear back row next to one lady. She was sitting at the window end. Five passengers could occupy on that seat. I sat next to that lady. She was very fair and had a very beautiful smile. Her dress was Red colour mini skirt and white blouse with front opening. I dressed fairly casual extra large T-shirt and long skirt with front opening.

Before sitting on the seat, I smiled with that lady in friendly manner.
"It is better that you are here" she said as she known me.

I was carrying a big traveling bag. I kept that bag on my lap. When the bus started to move, we talked lots of common things. Meanwhile one old woman sat next to me at the left side. Then I had to move right side little bit toward Radhika (which is her name). Therefore we were jammed together. I guessed the age of Radhika was around 35 years.

I decided that she was married woman because of her wedding ring was on her left ring finger.

I noticed several time she was trying to cover her beautiful milky thighs, pulling her skirt down. Meanwhile snoring sound came; I found that old lady was sleeping. I also felt sleepy because of tiredness. I told to Radhika that I wanted get a small sleep. Radhika told, "You carry on, don't be /scared/">scared, I will wake up you" She smiled.

Then I adjusted my traveling bag and kept the head on it. At the moment, most of the passengers were sleeping on their seats. About half an hour latter, suddenly I awoke and opened my eyes because I felt cold something brushed my belly and navel area. I just observed. I was surprised that Radhika's right hand was rubbing my belly. I confused, and wanted to oppose and scold her. But I had no guts to do so. I didn't utter a word. I was excited with the smooth touch of Radhika. Only thing I had to do was looking her strange behavior in patently. I really wanted to see what would happen next.

I didn't move, stayed same posture as I was sleeping. She put her hand under my shirt, keeping her other hand on my bag implying as she too was sleeping.

Nobody could see what she was doing except me. I kept my eyes closed with sensational feelings. After that she reached to my breast over the bra, squished and fondled with the 34" /twins/">twins. My body got hot. I had never thought that another woman could arise feelings like this. it was real good. My breathings were heavy and I felt that my panty was getting wet. I really enjoyed. But I feared to show that I like to responded to go ahead.
Finally I decided that I was unable to stay that nothing happened, so I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her eyes had timid and guilty look. Her face looked pleading forgiveness.
"Are you angry with me?" Radhika whispered.

I had no words to gather to answer that question. Only eyes were responded by closing the eyelids slowly. Radhika encouraged with my reaction. She put her hand under my bra and let the both boobs free from the cotton bra cups. Now those were hanging feely under the T-shirt. She started to play with my boobs, squished firmly, rubbed very gently, pinched the tits and pulled down. She squished my nipples holding them between two fingers and rubbing tops by thumb.
’Oh’’Oh’’That's’ssssssshhhsss’’mmmmmm’ahhh’’ Radika heard my pleasure cry. Her eyes were brightened by looking at me.

It was unbearable happier ever I had. I felt my panty was getting wet. I never thought a woman could give me such a pleasure. I couldn't stay calm furthermore. I took her hand and kept on the lap between the bag and my body. Immediately, she realized what I want. She opened the first and second buttons of my skirt and rolled up the underskirt slowly up. I widened my legs for easy access of her hand. Then she started to rub my pussy over the panty. It was soaked with juice.
"Yes’..Yes’..Radhika ’’..Do ’.it’..I’love’.it. ’ya..ya’yyyyyyyya’.
Those words came out from my mouth automatically.
"Do you like this Malithi?" She asked from me calling my name /first-time/">first time.

I told her "I have never thought Radhika’.a woman could arise me like this way. I never expected such a caress. Do Radhi’ whatever you want’’’."
She put her hand inside my panty, across my /hairy/hairy-bush/">hairy bush. She fondled every inch of my secret. Her fingertips found my clit. Her middle finger started to play with it. That was a wordless pleasure. My orgasm reached very soon.. Rdhika applied my sweetness on her fingers and took the hand out. She sucked the fingers greedily.

’ It is so /sweet/">sweet Malithi’ she told with asmile.

"You know Malithi, I am very like to taste pussy juice. I will be mad with it. See whether am I telling truth or not" Again she put her fingers into my panty again and apply some juice over the fingers and hold them just front of my lips. I smiled with her. I could feel the sweet aroma of my own pussy juice. I opened my mouth bit; Radhika pushed her middle and index fingers slowly into my mouth. It was captivating flavor; I sucked her fingers like a baby.
I told her " You know Radhika, this is wonderful experience I have ever had, specially, in a /bus/public-bus/">public bus without knowing others."

After that, Radika stood up to take a handkerchief from her bag, which was on the rack. Then I could get good view of her body. She has /tits/perfect-tits/perfect-big-tits/">perfect big tits and her tight red slit skirt showed the projected round buttocks. The seam of the panty embossed over the skirt. I have never admired woman such a sexy way. Radhika's appearance just provoked me to put my hand between her legs. The creamy thighs invited to touch. I knew that nobody could see because we were on the rear seat. I started to stroke her thighs and she looked down at me with a milf porn videos smile. Then she widened her legs to easy access of me. Her thighs were round and fully-grown and smooth like a velvet surface. I knew that she was unable to stay long time in that posture. I squished her pussy hardly, it was hot and wet, and without getting delay I put my two fingers by the side of the panty into the /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole. I pushed the fingers to the maximum point it could reach. Her pussy walls were so hot and wrapped my fingers tightly. I just took my hand back before she sat on the seat.

"Radhika, I wanted to taste your sweetness as you did to me earlier."
She laughed and told me, "Ah, Now you have improved than me" We laughed together. I put the fingers into my mouth and sucked. The sweetness of the pussy made me /crazy/">crazy.
Almost three hours journey the bus stopped at small hotel to let the passengers to get refreshment. Radhika and I went to the toilet for pissing. On the way to the toilet Radhika hold my hand and whispered to me, " Malithi, If I ask something, Do you give me?’..
"What do you want?.." I asked.
"After pissing, please don't put on your panty again." She applied. " I want your panty as a memory"

I smiled "Are you collecting sweety's pants" Radhika nodded her head. We exchanged our pants and traveled rest of the journey without pants. That was a nice memory I ever had. We got down in Badulla and before said good bye, we promised to meet another day, with beautiful memories.------If you enjoy please write me. My name is Rathna. I like to know about your response and it will encourage me to write more interesting stories. My e-mail address is rathna_wijetilaka at yahoo dot com hope that u will write me.