The Dare

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Dare

Hey, Im Rochelle. Im 18 and 5"6 with stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Most of my mates are guys. OK OK, ALL of my mates are guys. I only have one girl mate Jenny but she moved to France a year ago. We still text and email but its just not the same as having real mates. My best mate is called Carter. And then theres Toby, Connor and Mick. I also have a boyfriend called Den.

Well one night Carter was having a slumber /party/">party with Toby, Den, Connor, Mick and his cousin Lucas. His parents were out of town so we could be as loud as we wanted! We all started off by chilling and watching a movie but then at about 12 oclock the boys started playing truth of dare. It started off stupid like Toby had to run around with my bra on his head and Den had to kiss me for a whole 4 minutes but then Lucas (who Id only just met that night) said "I dare Rochelle to finger herself in front of everyone!" Den looked like he wanted to punch him in the head and the rest of the guys look pretty uncomfortable as they just think of me as a mate. Lucas just smiled.

Den stepped in, "Listen mate I dont know who you think you are you pervert but you cant just ask a girl to do things like that!" I looked into his eyes and said, "Baby, if he wants it that /bad/">bad, I dont mind". Den looked at me like I was /crazy/">crazy but I just smiled. He sat down speechless. I slowly removed my top and trousers everything accept my panties. I lay down on Carters bed and slowly began playing with my nipples. I tweaked them and licked them until I was moaning with pleasure. All the boys in the room at boners now. I saw Den reach into his pants and start to wank over me. This made me so horny!

I slowly removed my panties and spread my legs as far as they could go. I then started to tease the lips of my vagina rubbing them and touching them rhythmically. I then pulled the lips apart and began to rub my clit. I started off slowly and then became faster and faster. I was rubbing my clit violently in front of 6 boys. Feeling that I was nearly there I pushed a finger into my vagina pushing it in and out whilst still frigging my clit. I took the finger out of my vagina and pushed it up my anus. Taking my hand away from my clit I reached into my purse and took out a small /vibrator/">vibrator which I carried everywhere with me.

I held it to my clit whilst still fingering my arse hole. I suddenly felt the pleasure building up inside my /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy and I realised I was almost orgasming! "Oh! Oh my! OH! UUUUHHHH! Oh baby! YES YES YES! AAARGGGHHH! OH MY GOD! I AM CUUUUMMMMIIIINNNG!"

A sudden load of fluid released itself onto my hand. I licked my fingers trying hard not to pant out loud. I looked up and all the boys were staring at me gob smacked! Suddenly a round of applause broke out. Every boy in the room was clapping except Den. He looked agitated. He said "Roch, I need to talk to you outside a moment..." I got off the bed, pulled my panties up and followed Den out into the hall and into the spare bedroom. I prepared myself to me dumped. Instead he just pushed me inside the closet, ripped off my panties and started to make love to me violently!

His hands were everywhere and as he started spanking my arse he whispered in my ear, "Youve white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie been a very /girl/naughty-girl/">naughty girl Rochelle, and you need to be punished..." and with that he shoved his cock up inside me immediately hitting the G-spot and making me SCREAM...