My wife the flasher

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My wife the flasher

My wife has always had an urge to show off. It all started when we were teenagers. We ahd gone to a drive in and we were like all teenagers. We would park in the back rows and usually never saw the movies. On this particular night we were going at it pretty heavy. When I picked her up at her house she came out in a little short button down dress and look hot as hell. Well it didn't take long once we were at the movies for things to heat up quickly. Because the dress was a button up dress it was easy to get to all the fun spots. But on this particular night she ended up with it completely unbuttoned. It wasn't long before the dress and everything else was off of her and she was completely naked in the car.

Gwen had always liked keeping her pussy shaved so when she was naked as a teenager she looked extremely hot. I loved going down on her smooth hairless pussy and was down there enjoying myself that night when she told me someone was looking in the window. I asked if she wanted to stop and she just pushed my head down and moaned nooooooooooo. After that night the idea of being seen really turned her on.

Over the years she would do all kinds of things to flash or show off. She loved wearing sexy clothing or as little as she could get buy with and letting unsuspecting people see her. She would wear short skirts or dresses and have either nothing on or maybe some stockings and a garter belt on under the skirt. She knew this kind of stuff turned me on and she so enjoyed wearing it because she knew I would get turned on seeing her. It got to the point that we would think of ways to show her off. Things like her getting naked in the car while driving down the highway. Or flashing unsuspecting truckers. SPreading her legs enough in a club or resturant so that some strange guy got to see what was there. One of her favorites was to go to the park and flash unsuspecting teenage boys.

One night we were on a and had stopped at a hotel for the night. We went to a local resturant and got something to eat and then decided to check out the local attractions. We were driving around and found and adult theater so we decided to go in and see what was going on. As usual she was in a short wrap around dress that was both short and very revealing.

We paid at the window and walked in. There was a sign that pointed out that couples only were allowed in the balconey and couples and singles allowed in the lower section. We decided to give the balconey a try so up we went. Once in the balconey we could see there were a few couples in the balconey and everyone seemed to notice when someone else walked in. We took a seat along an asile about mid way up. The movie was the usual stuff just some , but it didn't take long for us to both get excited watching. Looking around I could see some of the couples dong things like feeling each other up or the wife or giving the guys a blo job. But it was obvious that no one was shy. Soon I had my wifes dress pulled open showing off her bare pussy and long sexy nylon clad legs. SLiding a finger in she spread her legs and moaned. Soon she had my cock out and was stroking it while I played with her pussy. Reaching around behind herself she untied her dress and let it fall open exposing herself to anyone that wanted to see. IT wasn't long before I noticed several of the couples staring at us while they enjoyed both the show my wife was putting on and enjoying themselves. My wife soon pushed the dress off her shoulders and unhooked her bra and took it off. Now with the exception of the garter belt, thigh high stockings and her heels she was not naked in the theater. Soon a couple of the couples had moved over close to us and were enjoying the show. And my wife wasted not time putting on a show. With her legs spread and me fingering her pussy she was putting on a show. Soon a woman that was sitting behind us slid her hand over and squeezed one of my wifes breast. When she felt it she moaned and enjoyed the feeling of a stranger playing with her breast. IT wasn;t long before ther were several hands roaming all over her. I sat back and enjoyed watching her enjoy herself. One guy stood next to her and offered his cock to her mouth which she expcepted and soon was sucking him deep. Another guy was now between her legs enjoying her with his tongue. Soon two of the wives were next to me enjoying my cock while I enjoyed touching and playing with them. The guy that was between my wifes legs soon was up between her legs with his cock pointed straight at her opening. And with one thrust his cock disappeared into her wet waiting pussy. real forced anal against her will About that time one of the wifes straddled me and slid my deep into her . We fucked like watching my wife enjoy the other two husbands. The sight was incredible. The wife riding my cock Whispered that she was ready to cum and wanted me to shoot my load inside of her. SHe told me she was fertile and wanted a total stranger to fill her with . Well Watching my wife taking a strange cock knowing she too was fertile and hearing this woman begging for it was all I could take. I rammed my cock deep and unloaded a huge load just as I saw the cum covered cock pull out of and saw all the cum slowly dripping out.

When we were all done my wife and I dressed and left the movie and went back to our hotel room. We could hardly wait to get into the room and rip off each others clothes and we proceeded to have some of the most incredible sex. She told me how hot it was feeling a total stranger with his cock in her and feeling him shoot his huge load in her bare back. I told her about the other wife that had begged me to fill her fertile pussy with a hot load. The idea was so intense for both of us that we both had huge climaxes talking about it.

I will never know if the other woman got or not but two months later my wife told me she was pregnant. The idea that it might be someone elses baby turned us both on. A few months later my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I only hope she grows up to be like xnxxv sunny leone video her and know how to enjoy sex.