Personalized Cuff Links – The Perfect Groomsmen Gift!

Cuff links are a classic thank you gift for a bride and groom to give to their groomsmen, but personalized cuff links are so much more special! Fill up the bezels in our new collage cuff links with anything that reminds you of your groomsmen and seal them with ICE Resin! […]

Fun Ways to Use New Lillypilly Blanks! has just launched a new line from Lillypilly that includes anodized aluminum discs in three different colors with a huge array of fabulous patterns! I was so excited to see these new discs that I just couldn’t hold back from playing with them. I tried using techniques with the discs and discovered that […]

Sam’s Favorite Things!

I am so excited that we carry Acrylic Paint Dabbers – there are so many fun things to do with them in mixed media jewelry – my calling. You can paint directly onto a bezel, use it in combination with rubber stamps, transfer sheets or create your own little unique paintings. My favourite paint […]

She Resins Seashells Down By the Seashore…

The past few years my family has taken trips each summer to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with our two little kids. Each year I choose one of our Fusion Beads techniques to focus on and perfect while our youngest, Marina, is napping. This past summer I brought ICE Resin and just went crazy. Innocently collecting […]

Make Personalized Pendants For Men With ICE Resin!

Every time a birthday or holiday rolls around, I’m always so eager to make jewelry for the women in my life, however I struggle to come up with ideas of what to make for men. Luckily, I’ve discovered that it’s so easy to make personalized mens pendants with ICE Resin! Resin is the perfect […]