Tuesday Tips and Tricks – The Resin Obsession Cannot Be Stopped!

Personally, as a bit of newbie in the beading world I have yet to dabble into the awesome techniques that use resin. Jewelry pieces that include resin in their designs can be beautiful, and opens up unique and creative ways to make an extra special memento! Resin can be used to incorporate mixed media […]

Tuesday Tips & Tricks

One of my favorite techniques for covering the inside of a component is using Brick Stitch! The finished look is delightfully boho chic as well as an awesome statement piece. A great way to successfully create a design using brick stitch is to guesstimate the amount of beads you will need to fill your […]

Designer Spotlight – Meet Allie

My name is Allie and I have been with the Fusion Beads team since 2005! I started out at the Fusion Beads Seattle store location, but after a couple of years I made my way to our website where I now make jewelry to inspire people to create. It doesn’t get much better than […]

Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks: Please Don’t Crimp My Style!

Today, I will be discussing the pesky but absolutely necessary little crimp bead! While neither my eyesight nor my clumsy fingers enjoy using crimp beads, I enthusiastically acknowledge the benefits of adding these findings to my strung pieces.

Crimp beads provide stability to your necklace or bracelet by securely fastening your flexible beading wire […]

Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Greetings fellow Beaders! Welcome to this week’s Tips & Tricks!

On this fine Tuesday, I will be discussing the much loved DiamonDuos and a brand new line of beads called GemDuos! Both product lines feature beads with similar aesthetics and are made of pressed glass with two parallel holes. While DiamonDuos have been on […]

Designer Spotlight – Meet Lindsay!

I’m so excited to share a little bit about me with you! My name is Lindsay Burke and I am a jewelry designer and the Chief Marketing Officer for Fusion Beads. I’m happy to have been part of this company since 2000, but even before that, I was an avid crafter and […]