Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Slide End Tubes provide a clean and simple way to finish off woven seed bead projects. These findings work wonderfully, but there is a bit of a trick to use them. This finding is specially made to work with certain types of stitches so the orientation of your beads is very important. A slide tube clasp works by slipping over a straight line of beads. The tube is then compressed down so the edges come to rest in the row between two columns of seed beads. This finding works beautifully with straight stitches like loom, ladder or square stitch. This finding will not fit on peyote stitch due to the irregular edge of the beads.

Now we know how the slide tube works, let’s take a look some of examples of it in action! The slide end tubes are perfect for ending a loom piece. A great example of this application can be found in our Beauty in Blue Inspiration Project. Since the width of the weave is short, a slide end tube with one loop is all that is needed to provide a balanced and elegant finish to the bracelet.

For wide pieces, the Base Metal 2 Strand Slide End Tube by Miyuki is the best finding to use. This slide tube is available in 35mm and 60mm so it is will fit on a large piece. It uses two loops positioned near the end of the finding to ensure stability and prevents the edges of your bracelet from flopping over.

The 2 strand slide is not limited to just bracelets though, we used this finding to create a truly beautiful necklace in our Deco Delight Inspiration Project. To create this look the designer used the loops like bails. A delicate chain was strung through the loops to transforms this loom piece into a glorious pendant.

Happy Tuesday – Rebecca






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