Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I had the opportunity to test drive the new Endless Loom this week and I have to shout out some praise for its innovative qualities that I found truly exciting! The first nice feature is the size of this loom. Its travel size so it is convenient to transport and easy to use while in the car. The second great quality is loom’s easy set up! The parts are all labeled for quick assembly and preparing this loom is a breeze. The loom includes several interchangeable dowels that elongate the loom. Each dowel set is premeasured so a beader can make a bracelet at a precise length of 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 or 9 inches long. Another fantastic quality is its one warp thread design. The loom uses two brick stitch sections at the beginning and end of a bracelet. A single warp thread is then woven between these two pieces creating the loom weaving area. This ingenious loom set means there is only one thread to wrap up at the end of a project.
Our newest Inspiration Project Pacifica Point Bracelet shows this loom in glorious action. You can find step-by-step pictures and instructions that will help you master this new loom technique.

The last notable innovation is the loom’s versatility. This loom was designed to accommodate long pieces. A piece can be wrapped around the loom’s body indefinitely allowing you to continue on as long as you like. This feature means you can also use the Loom to create wrap cord bracelets. For me, this was a huge benefit!I highly recommend this loom to newbies and loom experts alike!

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca





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