Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEBeing a jewelry aficionado I love to make little jewelry gifts for my co-workers and acquaintances for the holidays. One of my favorite gifts to make are Swarovski Christmas tree earrings. These wonderful earrings are easy to make, inexpensive and are always well received! Fusion Beads offers numerous free Christmas tree earring patterns in the holiday Inspiration Projects on our website. We also offer earring kits which makes it even easier to create these fun little gifts that are sure to please anyone on your gift list.tree-earring-1tree-earring-2Instead of using the traditional paper wrapped box to present my earring gifts I like to use fabric gift bags. Gift bags can be easily embellished to add an extra little touch of whimsy, but the best part about using a fabric gift bag is that it can be reused. I love the fact that the bag can be used again in the future making it a much greener way to give your gift.

We have wonderful muslin bags in five different colors that can be beaded and embellished with charms, seed beads, Swarovski crystals and more; making the bag almost as flashy as the gift itself.muslin-bagFor my first bag design I used a series of Swarovski Crystal Xirius Flat Back Rhinestones to create a holiday star. To begin, I placed a piece of cardboard into the bag to provide a flat surface to work on and to prevent any glue from seeping through the material to the backside of the bag. You can use E6000, 5 Minute Epoxy or Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive to set the flat back crystals. I laid out my colors and the design first so I had a good plan of attack in mind before gluing the crystals permanently into place  Once the pattern was established, I placed some glue on a spare piece  of cardboard then used a toothpick to apply the adhesive to the back of the Swarovski crystals. This little trick allows you to control the amount of glue applied to your final piece. It also helps prevent any spilling accidents. We have a wonderful technique that shows you how to glue crystal flat backs step-by-step.
image-1For my second design, I created a cascade of beads by tying Crystal AB Swarovski Crystal Round Beads on strands of Clear Illusion Cord. I tied a knot around each bead so that the crystal would stay suspended in place along thread. I used a series of 6, 5, 4, and 3mm beads to create a graduating design. Once I had a few strands I bound them all together and stitched them onto the muslin bag. This creates a wonderful ice or falling snow motif. To top the whole design off I stitched on a Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Pendant alongside to complete the winter theme.image-2

image-2aNow the recipient can either pass the gift bag along in the future or use the beads for their own designs. It is like a gift on top of a gift and who doesn’t enjoy that?!

I hope you like adorning these little gift bags as much as I did.

Happy Tuesday! – Rebecca





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  • Christine Galullo

    I made a snowflake pattern earrings with super duo beads and size 11 seed beads. The snowflakes are kinda twisted instead of flat. I used fireline 8lb instead of 6lb is this the reason why they don’t lay flat. Can you make it to tight that it doesn’t lay flat? What did I do wrong?

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