Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEAnyone that knows me can tell you I am not an organized person by nature. When it comes to making jewelry I often say, “Creation is messy!” as I sprawl out and take over the living room with my latest project. But as my beading supplies have grown in quantity and my projects have become more complex, I have learned the virtues of organization! Storage boxes have been an indispensable tool to help me beat the craft craziness and clutter into submission.

For seed beads I like to use the Clear Plastic Storage Box with the assorted flip top boxes. This storage box includes small, medium and large flip top boxes that provide the perfect amount of space to organize seed beads of various shapes and sizes.  I like to sort my beads by color so I can have an overview of my whole collection. This is tremendously helpful when I am planning and shopping for a new project. I can avoid purchasing duplicate colors and order only what I really need to complete the current project.10-18-16-image-1When I am working on a complex project that will take several weeks to complete, I like to sort the box to contain all the colors in my project’s palette. This keeps all the beads in one place and makes it super easy to pick up the project at any time without the headache of tracking down supplies.

I also heavily rely on storage boxes to organize and separate my collection of findings. I have dedicated boxes for my silver findings. I know that these boxes only contain precious metals so I won’t accidentally mix up my silver and base metal findings. I use a medium Utility Box for storing special items like Hill tribe silver beads, Bali beads, pendants, large toggles, chunkier clasps, chandelier earrings or long headpins. 10-18-16-image-2Recently Fusion Beads introduced new bulk packages of precious metal findings. I’ve taken advantage of this great new offering and stocked up on jump rings, head pins, seamless rounds, crimps, ear wires, lobster clasps and more. 10-18-16-image-3I store all my new bulk findings together in the small Clear Plastic Storage Box. This helps me to visually keep track of my inventory so I will never run out of my jewelry making essentials unexpectedly. 10-18-16-image-4This little bit of organization is a life saver! Now I am free to create with abandon and not waste hours collecting and sorting my materials. I may still create my jewelry in a messy whirlwind, but at least my supplies will always be all neat and tidy.

Happy Tuesday – Rebecca






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