Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Looking to update an old button-up blouse or sweater from your wardrobe with a fresh new look? Try switching out your tired old buttons with colorful Swarovski Crystal buttons, trendy TierraCast® buttons, whimsical Green Girl Studios buttons, and more! You can even design your own mixed media fasteners with Nunn Design bezel buttons!


The foil backing on this sweater’s original clear glass buttons was so scratched from being tossed carelessly into the laundry for years that the glass was completely dull and had lost all sparkle. Enter Swarovski Crystal buttons in the fabulously reflective Crystal Volcano finish to give the sweater a whole new sparkle!

Also, it is possible to machine wash a garment with Swarovski Crystal or other decorative buttons on it! To do so, fasten all the buttons, turn the clothing inside out, and wash the item in a mesh lingerie bag if possible. Avoid putting the item in the dryer and lay it out to air dry instead.

Happy Tuesday! -Gabby

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  • Cynthia Fogliatti

    I have used Swarovski crystal buttons on a few garments–even before the original buttons wore out (they weren’t that attractive to begin with). You’re right, it totally transforms a garment! I also use one or more crystal buttons, in a variety of shapes and finishes, as the focal points for brooches, as part of the embellishment or as closures for bracelets and necklaces, and sometimes as parts of earring sets. I’m always trying to find new ways to use amazing Swarovski crystals!

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