Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


If you’re someone who gets crafty and makes all of your loved ones handmade gifts, then this tip is for you! When you’re making tons of jewelry you can tend to forget whose is whose when gift giving during the holiday season. To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to take pictures of your jewelry with the name of the person it’s being gifted to. This way, you will have everything organized, especially if you have to mail them off to multiple locations. This can also help to insure that you won’t accidentally make someone the same thing (or something similar) in the following years. Unless it’s a different color way, who wants to receive the same pair of crystal Christmas tree earrings two years in a row?Bead board - gifts

Necklace Bead Board - gifts

It’s also a great way to remember how to make the jewelry you HAVE to have in your own personal collection! We’ve all been there; you make something and feel like you can’t part with it because you love it so much. By taking a picture and/or writing out the items you used you can easily remember how to whip it up after the busy holiday season.

How do you keep all of your gifts organized for the holidays? Share with us in the comments below!

Happy Tuesday – Allie


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