Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Long necklaces are definitely on trend right now, but they don’t work with every neckline. Remember today’s trick next time you want to shorten a necklace temporarily, creating a romantic look!Shorten a long necklaceAll you need for this trick is a long necklace and a ribbon. I used our Merlot Fairy and Silk Ribbons to make my shorteners.

Lay your necklace flat in a U-shape. If your necklace has a clasp, position it at the top of one leg of the U. This will let you hide it under your ribbon! Keep the necklace in this position as you add your ribbon to make sure the two strands don’t cross when you wear them.Lay necklace flat in U-shapeYou can use one longer piece of ribbon for a trailing effect. This silk ribbon is 42 inches long. String the ribbon through the loops at the top of the U, slip the necklace over your head, and tie the ribbon in a bow. If you’re having trouble with your bow, put the necklace on backwards to tie it and then rotate the ribbon around to the back.String a long ribbon through the necklaceTie in a long, trailing bowIf you prefer a shorter shortener, cut your ribbon in half like I did with my Fairy Ribbon. Tie one half of the ribbon in a lark’s head knot on each side of the U and then tie the ends together into a small bow.Use 2 ribbons to shorten a necklaceTie a cute little bowNow you can wear the same necklace two different ways in no time!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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  • Diane Par

    I subscribe to the Tuesday Tips and Tricks, and the recent emails are unreadable. The lines don’t end. I assume there is a picture, but I can’t find it during my scroll. This has happened over the last month, I believe, because I used to enjoy reading the emails. If it doesn’t become readable, though, I’ll have to cancel. I use Windows Live Mail and have no problems with other emails. I’d appreciate it if you could fix whatever bug is messing up the blog’s email.


  • FusionBeads.com

    Thanks for letting us know about this Diane! We’re currently looking into this formatting issue and hope to have it corrected shortly.

    Happy beading!

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