Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I was recently gifted with a pair of my grandma’s clip on earrings. Since my ears are pierced, I knew I wouldn’t wear these pieces traditionally. Fortunately I used today’s trick to turn these vintage clip on earrings into a different kind of heirloom!Turn clip on earrings into a sweater clipSweater clips give an instant 1950s glamour to any outfit and are a great way to keep your cardigan secure without buttoning it up. They’re also a fun alternative to a necklace and can be just as fancy! You can use vintage earrings for this project or start from scratch with our clip on earring findings. You’ll also need chain and jump rings, plus crystal beads if you want to make a chain that matches your earrings like I did! Keep your design lightweight so it isn’t too much for your clips to support.Use crystal beads to match your chain to your earringsMost clip on earrings have a loop on the front or holes in the back of the clip like mine. Attach one end of your chain to each earring with a jump ring, making sure your additions don’t interfere with the hinge of the earrings. You’ll have a ready-to-wear sweater clip in no time!Sport a sweater clip instead of a necklaceHow have you given new life to old jewelry?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen





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