Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Wrapped cord accents are fun and easy way to embellish leather bracelets. You can use today’s tricks to decorate your next bracelet project!

This wrap can be done with just cord or with beads, like in our Sacred Tree Bracelet and using a fiber cord like in our Daydream Bracelet or with thin leather cord like in our Wrapped with the Blues Bracelet. Today I’m using Superlon Bead Cord to wrap my flat cork cord.

Your goal is to trap the ends of your embellishment cord underneath the wraps. Lay one end of your embellishing cord parallel and flat against your base cord to start the wrap.Start your wrapping cordMake a turn and start wrapping the long end of the embellishing cord back around your base cord and the first tail of the embellishing cord as many times as you want, leaving about 1 inch of cord sticking out.Make a turn and start wrappingKeep your wraps tight and close together as you work. The more compact the wraps are the better they’ll hold up over time!Make tight wrapsWhen you’ve wrapped the length you want, cut the embellishment cord, leaving a second tail twice as long as the distance you wrapped. I wrapped 1 inch of my base cord, so I cut the embellishment cord leaving a 2 inch tail.

Tuck your tail under the wrapsThread the second tail into a tapestry needle and use the needle to tuck that tail underneath all of the wraps.Pull your tails in opposite directionsPull on the tails of your embellishing cord in opposite directions to tighten the wraps one last time, then trim the tails.Finished wrapped embellishmentYou can add a small dab of adhesive to the end of your embellishing cord before you start wrapping, but this sometimes makes it hard to feed the second tail back through the wraps later. Trust that if you wrap the embellishing cord tight enough it will hold the tails for you!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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