Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210You can change the look of your chain maille project by using different colored rings, but have you tried adding beads to your weave? I’ve made a few different pieces with our multi-colored Artistic Wire Jump Rings, but this was my first time adding beads to chain maille. You can use today’s tip to add pops of color and sparkle to your chain maille!

Inspired by our Touch of Indigo Earrings, I added a crystal teardrop pendant and crystal rondelles to the Byzantine necklace I started last week. My pendant had a large enough hole to fit one of the jump rings I made my necklace with, but to orient the rondelles the way I wanted I wire wrapped them on head pins before jumping them to my chain.

Before attaching your beads, lay your chain maille flat to make sure it isn’t twisted or rotated strangely. This will help ensure your embellishments hang straight and in the right direction. Be careful to only hook the jump rings you want when adding anything to your chain. This can be difficult when your weave is tight, so work slowly and use your finest tipped chain nose pliers to manipulate any jump rings and wires.

Chain maille - adding beads

Another easy way to spice up your chain maille designs is our Shaggy Loops Technique. You can use this technique to add a colorful fringe of beaded jump rings like in our Harvest Festival Earrings.

How have you used beads and chain maille together?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen






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