Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Kumihimo techniques are wonderfully meditative and I often find myself almost hypnotized as I move the cords around my braiding disk. But an interruption in the middle of a flow like that can seriously derail a project. Keeping track of which cords you move means the difference between making a beautiful braid or completely starting over, so you can use today’s tips to keep your next kumihimo project smooth and successful!

You want to move your cords around the braiding disk in the same order and rotate the disk in the same direction throughout the course of your project. If you need a reminder of which way you’re rotating you can draw helpful arrows directly on the disk!  I usually like moving my disk counterclockwise as I work, so I drew my arrows in that direction as a reminder. If you prefer to switch directions for between projects you can draw counterclockwise arrows on the front of your disk and clockwise on the back!

Draw direction arrows on your Kumihimo disc

Picking up your braid exactly where you left off is also very important. Keep your place by leaving 3 cords at the top of your disk any time you need to pause your project. Stopping with 3 cords at the top lets you know not only how the disk was oriented when you stopped, but it tells you exactly which cord you need to move next!

Leave three cords at the top of the Kumihimo disc to keep track of your place

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


3 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Nancy Axthelm

    The arrows are a great, helpful idea, as is always leaving 3 cords on top of the disc. Do you like using a weight on the bottom?
    Thanks for the tips,

  • FusionBeads.com

    I didn’t use a weight for this particular project Nancy, but I have for other Kumihimo braids! For me it really depends on what kind of cord I’m using. The Superlon Cord I used for this project made a very even braid without a weight and I’ve had better results with Satin Cord using a weight.
    Happy beading!

  • I would love to try this some time, I love it. Unfortunately too many unfinished projects that need to be finished first :) .

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