Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


For my first project of the New Year I wanted to make a right angle weave pearl collar that would lay with the contours of my neck, without being a choker. I thought this would be a challenge, until I realized I could make it using the trick for creating peyote stitch bezels! Peyote stitch bezels grab a cabochon by changing from larger to smaller beads in the last row, cinching the bail tight around the stone. This switch to smaller beads shortens the last row, drawing in the bead weaving to create a curve.

Change your bead size and change your shape


Keeping this trick in mind, I started my first row of right angle weave with 5mm Swarovski crystal pearls and then switched to 6mm pearls for my lower rows. Just like with the peyote stitch bail, this change in size means the top of my necklace will be shorter than the bottom, creating a curved shape. I want my curve to be subtle, but for a more extreme curve you could use a larger range of sizes, for example starting with 3mm beads at the top and then transitioning to 4mm, 5mm, and final 6mm beads.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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