Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


I hate it when the cords in wrapped cord bracelet cross or bunch, pushing the last few beads in my design out of place. (Especially when I’ve worked really hard to make my wraps perfect!) Instead of using the same number or even the same type of bead at the ends of these projects, I taper the beading in my wrapped cord bracelets to keep the cords aligned.

It’s easy to taper your design when the bracelet has multiple beads per row. For my current project I narrowed the bracelet by reducing the number of cube beads in each row from three to two to one. You can get the same effect by gradually using smaller beads as you approach the ends of the bracelet.  In wrapped cord bracelets designed with Tila or bugle beads I’ve used round seed beads of a similar color to narrow down the ends.

Tapered Wrapped Cord Bracelet

You can see more examples of tapering the ends of wrapped cord bracelets in our Southwestern StarletAmazonia and Winding Road Bracelet Inspiration Projects!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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