Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I don’t usually dress up for the holidays, but I do love themed earrings! Holiday earrings are a fun way to celebrate without being too over the top. This year you can use my trick to get a jump on your holiday crafts and make extra-cute themed earrings with a twist, using TierraCast® charms!

TierraCast® charms are perfect for earring projects. Their selection is extensive and each charm has wonderful details. These charms are light enough you can add beads to your earring design without worrying about weight and their colors of plating are so consistent it makes mixing and matching easy! With so many great options, I couldn’t pick just one charm for each holiday, so I made this year’s earrings with mismatched charms!

I’m not quite ready to let go of summer holidays, so I made my first pair of earrings ocean-themed with cool blue Swarovski crystals.

Sea Themed Tierracast Earrings

I added a wire wrapped bead link to one of my Halloween earrings to help the gravestone hang closer to the same height as the zombie.

Halloween Themed Tierracast Earrings

I used bright bugle and round seed beads to give a pop of color to my Christmas earrings.

Christmas Themed Tierracast Earrings

The loops of the lock and key charms were too thick to fit with the ear wires I picked for my Valentine’s Day earrings, so I made the simple loops on my bead links larger than normal.

Valentine Themed Tierracast Earrings

Are you planning for the holidays yet?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen



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  • I’ve been working on the holidays for about a month now – including over 70 pairs of hand-patinated earrings for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – including some hand-colored with toothpicks. I do like they way you mix up the accent beads, particularly with the ocean and Valentine’s Day themed ones.

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