Get a Sneak Peek at Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2015/16 Innovations!

It’s every beader’s favorite time of year – Swarovski has announced their Fall/Winter 2015/16 Innovations! Six stunning bead, pendant, and button shapes are heading our way soon, along with an exciting new crystal color, effect, and pearl color! Check these new additions out below!

New Swarovski Crystal Smoky Mauve Color

Smoky Mauve – New Color

Inspired by the most rare and highly prized naturally violet diamonds, Smoky Mauve is a stunning combination of sophisticated gray and soft lilac tones. Subtle and refined, this elegant hue is ideal for romantic daywear designs and glamorous evening looks alike.

New Swarovski Crystal Paradise Shine Effect

Crystal Paradise Shine – New Effect

Bold purples, blues, and greens burst forth from Crystal Paradise Shine, an energetic and joyful effect that unites vibrant colors and metallic shine. It can easily be paired with dark shades for a glamorous look, or with bright primary and secondary colors for a playful yet edgy effect.

New Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl Color

Crystal Iridescent Purple – New Pearl Color

The enchanting purple-green shimmer of Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl gives off a mysterious metallic glow that is romantic, glamorous, and modern all at once. Its intriguing two-tone effect is perfect both as a statement color and as an accent with opalescent or metallic tones.

New Swarovski Crystal Cross Bead

Cross Bead – New Article

One of the most recognized symbols in the world, the simple yet elaborate Cross Bead opens up a whole world of design possibilities with its straight cut and top-down hole. Perfect for earrings, bracelets, charms, necklaces, and more, this timeless bead shape can be worn with anything.

New Swarovski Crystal Arrow Bead

Arrow Bead – New Article

A geometric and graphic take on the classic chevron shape, the intriguing Arrow Bead features a distinctive multi-layered cut that sparkles like a gem. Its trendy shape can easily complement a wide range of designs, from ethnic, tribal, and organic, to futuristic and spiky glamour, to charming romantic creations.

New Swarovski Crystal BeCharmed Pavé Medley Beads

BeCharmed Pavé Medley Beads – New Article

The playful yet sophisticated BeCharmed Pavé Medley Beads are a colorful addition to Swarovski’s line of large hole beads. Exuding creativity and fun, these diversely designed masterpieces are dotted with a radiant mix of stone shapes and colors, resulting in exciting 3D effects.

New Swarovski Crystal Patina Skull Beads

Patina Skull Beads – Line Extension

The popular Skull Bead line has been extended to include the Crystal Patina effects. Unique and utterly attention-grabbing, the Skull Bead is a stunning masterpiece of crystal design. Its impeccably precise multi-layer cut gives off a profile that is intricately detailed and highly reflective. It can be used in edgier designs or in more elegant jewelry as a darkly romantic statement bead.

New Swarovski Crystal Queen Baguette Pendant

Queen Baguette Pendant – New Article

Glamorous and geometric, the elegant Queen Baguette Pendant exudes class and style in a new yet familiar silhouette. Its refined faceting and strong shape lends itself to both masculine and feminine designs, and can be used to opulent effect in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories.

New Swarovski Crystal Sun Pendant

Sun Pendant – New Article

A timeless design that is both ancient and modern, the complex yet easily recognizable shape of the Sun Pendant dazzles with its fascinating sunray faceting. Its strong, clean silhouette can be easily used both as a magnificent focal piece or in a design with multiple Sun Pendant sizes.

New Swarovski Crystal Clover Button

Clover Button – New Article

Rich in symbolism, the happy-go-lucky Clover Button features four charming heart-shaped leaves that form its classic and universal shape. Precision-cut with sparkling 3D faceting, this playful component can be used as a functional button on clothing or a decorative embellishment on jewelry and accessories.

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