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I hadn’t worked on any bead crochet projects in a while, so when I started a new set of bangle bracelets I wasn’t surprised to catch myself in an old bad habit. But by using today’s tip you won’t repeat my mistake!

Tuesday Tips and Tricks | The Creative Room Blog | Fusion Beads

It’s important to always leave room in the loops of your stringing material as you move them off your crochet hook. It’s easy to accidentally cinch a loop down tight as you move it off the hook and this was my biggest beginner mistake! Chains of bead crochet are supposed to have an open, almost airy look, like our Posh and Walk on the Beach Necklaces. When making a bead crochet rope you need to leave space to fit your hook back through later as you build your structure.

Maintain a firm, but relaxed tension on your stringing material, making sure it is also unspooling easily. Don’t pull your thread tight around the shaft of the hook. Instead keep your loops the same size as the shaft of your crochet hook as you move the thread. I do this by pinching the bottom of the loop between my thumb and middle finger as I move it off the hook and make my next loop. The more consistent and open the loops of your chain are, the easier time you’ll have when making your rope!

Tuesday Tips and Tricks | The Creative Room Blog | Fusion Beads

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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