Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I love the look and feel of metal beads, but unfortunately their cost can add up quickly, especially when you’re using them as spacers in a necklace or bracelet. You can use today’s trick to get a metallic look without straining your budget!

Glass beads with a metallic finish can give your jewelry […]

Meet Our Retail Store Team!

MEET TRISH I’ve worked at Fusion since October of 2013 and I’ve loved every moment of it! I am currently the store manager. I was born on the East Coast and moving to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago was a great creative inspiration for me! I enjoy using […]

Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2015/16

It’s finally here! Swarovski Elements Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2015/16! We are really excited about this new launch and the exciting new shapes and new finish that Swarosvski has come up with.

Crystal Patina Drawing on the continuing allure of vintage jewelry, the Crystal Patina effect creates an impression of nostalgic authenticity while still showcasing […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Our Inspiration Projects are meant to be a starting point for your own creativity. Fusion’s team of talented designers gathers everything you need to make amazing jewelry together in one place – all of the supplies and instructions are right there waiting for you. But what if you want to make the project in […]