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When your stringing material is close to the size of a bead’s hole it’s hard to use a needle. Folding a thread or cord around a needle eye doubles the thickness of that material. You can string directly on to metal wires or beading wire or Griffin Bead Cords with their attached needles, but what do you do with something like Superlon Bead Cord or Pearl Cotton? Fortunately you can use today’s trick to make the end of your cord into a needle!

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I like using E6000 for this trick because, while it’s a strong and durable adhesive, it’s also easy to clean off my hands. If you have sensitivity to adhesives you’ll want to use gloves when you do this. Cut your stringing material 3-5 inches longer than you need for your project. Squeeze out a dab of E6000 on to a piece of scrap paper  or a plastic lid. Pick up a little bit of the adhesive with the tip of your finger. Run the last 1-2 inches of cord between your forefinger and thumb, turning the cord to get an even coating. Allow the glue to dry completely before stringing any beads.

The goal is to stiffen the end of your cord with layers of adhesive until it becomes hard enough to string your beads on to it directly, like a needle! When all of your beads are strung you can cut off the glue-coated end of your cord and finish your project.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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