Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Our Inspiration Projects are meant to be a starting point for your own creativity. Fusion’s team of talented designers gathers everything you need to make amazing jewelry together in one place – all of the supplies and instructions are right there waiting for you. But what if you want to make the project in a different color? Fortunately you can use today’s trick to make your favorite Inspiration Projects your own way!

Our Free Spirit Bracelet is one of my all time favorite peyote patterns! I’m making it for a friend, but the original colors aren’t her favorites. If this was a less complex pattern I might just try to change the colors as I work, but for an intricate, 6 color pattern like this one it’s better to get out the graph paper.

I love using our graph papers for both creating original designs and altering existing patterns. We have different papers for different stitches and sizes of bead. To alter the color scheme for the Free Spirit Bracelet I matched each original color to one of my new colors. Then I started transferring the pattern from the original graph to my graph paper with colored pencils. Once the pattern is charted out in the new colors I can weave my project without having to think too hard!

T&T 07 01 14 - edited

What Inspiration Projects have you redesigned?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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