Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Miyuki’s Slide End Tubes are an elegant way to finish a piece of loom work or square stitch, but they’re only designed to fit Size 11 Delica Seed Beads. I work with Round Japanese Seed Beads more often than Delicas, but with today’s trick you can use these end tubes with other sizes seed bead too!

All you need to do to utilize these findings is add a row of Size 11 Delicas at the end of your piece! I’m making a version of our Deco Delight Necklace in Size 11 Round Seed Beads. To get the right fit for a 6x35mm Miyuki 2 Strand Slide End Tube, I added an extra row of Size 11 Delicas to the end of my bead weaving.

t & t 6 10 B

Each Miyuki 2 Strand Slide End Tube fits best on a specific number of Size 11 Delicas, for example the 6x35mm Miyuki 2 Strand Slide End Tube I’m using is meant for 25 Delicas. If your piece isn’t the exact width for one of these end tubes, you can decrease your last few rows to taper the end down for a better fit.

t & t 6 10 C

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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