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The main reason to use a wire twisted needle is that the eye of the needle collapses around your stringing material and lets you pull it through tight openings. But what do you do after you’re finished stringing and have a squashed eye? I hate the idea of a single use tool, so you can use today’s trick to use your twisted wire needles for more than one project!

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First find the eye in your squashed wire twisted needle. This can be difficult depending on how thin the needle is and how misshapen the eye is. Work one tip of your thinnest round nose pliers into the collapsed loop. Once the tip is in the eye, slowly work the loop of the eye up the pliers. Voila, this wire twisted needle is ready for your next project!

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If you run out of wire twisted needles you can improvise your own using a wire scrap (you’ve been saving those, right?) and a few pairs of pliers.

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Fold the wire in half around one tip of your round nose pliers to make the eye. Then hold the eye with your flat nose pliers and use a second set of pliers or a pair of wire twisting pliers to twist the ends of your wire together into a needle shape. File or round the end of your new wire twisted needle to make sure you don’t snag yourself or your stringing material as you work.

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Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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