Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Whether you use beeswax or Thread Heaven, any thread conditioner will start to show wear over time. Today’s tips will keep your conditioners fresh and easy to use!

Each time you pull thread against your beeswax it makes a small cut in the wax. Eventually the wax will become dry, scarred and start to crumble. Fortunately you can heal your beeswax and get a better coating just by using your household iron! Cover your ironing board with aluminum foil or kitchen parchment paper to protect it. Place the old beeswax on the ironing board and set your iron to steam. Hit the beeswax with 2-3 shots of steam, making sure not to actually touch the surface of your iron to the wax. It’s normal for the wax to melt a little, but afterwards you’ll see the cuts heal and surface smooth out.

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Unlike beeswax, Thread Heaven is self-healing, but it will eventually collect dust, dirt and small fibers on its surface. Instead of the iron trick, use a thin flat object, like a metal nail file or the tip of your thread snips, to pry the block of conditioner out of its container. Rotate the block to find a clean surface and gently press it back into place.

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Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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