Have you tried Vintaj Patinas yet?

If you haven’t given our incredible Vintaj Patina color kits a try, I hope this blog will inspire you to add some color to your metal project! The fabulous ladies at Vintaj recently came up with a patina color mixing chart for you to expand your color options to include popular blended hues. I am absolutely in love with the custom colors that they came up with! To make them, just add a few drops of each color that is listed and blend them together with a paint brush. You can add a little more or less of a color to get the final color just right.

color chart

 I was excited to try and recreate some of my favorite colors from the chart and I was thrilled with the results!


Deep Teal

vintaj 1


vintaj 3

Slate Gray

vintaj 4


vintaj 5


vintaj 6

Deep Red

If you are not ready to dive in to coloring your metal, then give the Metal Reliefing Block by Vintaj a try. The block has multiple sides offering varying degrees of grit coarseness for removing patina, buffing and polishing Vintaj metals. This block really brings out all the fine details in your metal pieces – check out the polished samples below in all three of the Vintaj finishes!

vintaj 10

vintaj 11

vintaj 12


Have fun with these versatile Vintaj products!

Happy Beading! – Cody

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