Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Not every project turns out right the first time! A recent jewelry clay pendant took three tries before I finally found a design I liked. Fortunately Crystal Clay is very forgiving and I was able to start over with relative ease!

Crystal Clay’s 60-90 minute working time means you can remove the wet clay from your bezel within that period and redo your design. Use the opposite end of a jewel setter or a tooth pick to free any crystals you’ve already set and then to scoop the clay out of your bezel. Don’t worry too much about getting every last scrap of clay – you’ll cover these up when you refill the bezel. Then you’re ready to roll your clay back into a ball and start over!

Crystal Clay is very sticky and will leave residue on your gloves. Clean your gloves with a baby wipe or switch to a fresh pair before you touch the outside of your bezel or your tools. If there’s clay stuck to the bezel or your crystals you can also use a baby wipe to remove it before the clay dries.

It took a few tries, but I’m delighted with how my pendant turned out!

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Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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