Get the Leather Look!

Are you having trouble deciding what to do with all of those leather scraps you have from previous projects? I have a fun and easy project that will turn those scraps into awesome trendy jewelry you can show off to all of your friends! It’s so quick and easy, anyone can do it! All you need are scissors, leather, spray paint, ribbon ends and ear wires!

I decided to use some leftover scraps from a leather purse I had cut apart from a previous leather jewelry project during our Weekly Bead Challenge back in November!

Leather Earrings 1 (1 of 1)First, I cut out the shape I wanted my earrings to be.

Leather4 (1 of 1)I wanted them to have that trendy fringe look so I cut multiple slits up the leather.

Leather5 (1 of 1)Next, I wanted to add more of a modern feel to my design so I picked a metallic silver spray paint! The beauty is that you can choose any color you want! Working outside (or in a well ventilated area), I lightly sprayed my fringe earrings, making sure that is was covered more near the ends.

Leather1 (1 of 1)To finish,  I connected ribbon ends to the top of the leather then added my ear wires.

Leather2 (1 of 1)If you want to add a pop of color to your earring design, simple wire wrap a bead between your cord end and ear wires. I used 8mm Jade Swarovski Elements Crystal Gemcolor Pearls!

Leather3 (1 of 1)Have you designed any jewelry using leather scraps before? Show us your creativity by posting to our Facebook Timeline!

Happy Beading! – Allie


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