Love in the Afternoon Earrings By Becky Nunn!

Everything’s coming up earrings this week! Becky Nunn, the creative genius behind Nunn Design, has given us five more exclusive designs to share on our blog with you! These gorgeous new earring pairs combine the elegance of Nunn Design pewter accents with the stunning sparkle of Swarovski Elements Crystals. Follow our step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to make these sparkling stunner, or click over to our Inspiration Gallery for instructions! (Don’t forget to check out the other four designs: Sabrina Earrings, Paris When It Sizzles Earrings, We Go To Monte Carlo Earrings, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s Earrings!)


CR0851 – Black Crystal Clay
BM0507 – 2 pieces 20 x 12.5mm Sterling Silver Plated BRASS Small Square Bezel Earrings
SC9466 – 5 packs 1088 PP18 Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Chaton Stones
Beeswax Toothpick or Crystal Katana
Wet wipes
Toothpick or a headpin

Pinch off two equal pea-sized balls, one of Part A (the color) and another of Part B (the hardener) of the Black Crystal Clay. Knead the two equal-sized balls fully together until the clay is a consistent color and not marbled.
Split the mixed Crystal Clay in half and roll one half into a ball. Press the ball into the base of the 20 x 12.5mm Sterling Silver Plated Brass Small Square Bezel Earrings. Pat the clay gently until it is flat and fully flush to the edges. If you have too much Black Crystal Clay, you can pinch off the excess and keep patting it down to make the surface smooth. Repeat with the other half of clay in the other Small Square Bezel Earrings. Make sure to use your wet wipe and wipe away any excess Black Crystal Clay that could be on the side of the metal or on your fingers. The Black Crystal Clay will dry rock hard and is super hard to remove, so get in the practice of always keeping your work surface clean and tidy.
Using a beeswax toothpick, pick-up the individual Crystal Swarovski Elements Crystal Chaton Stone and gently press each into the Black Crystal Clay. I like to start on the outside edge and work my way toward the center. Continue to press the Chaton Stones in gently until complete. You have approximately 2 hours to work with the Black Crystal Clay, so take your time and enjoy.
To create the stair step look of layering the Chaton Stones, pinch off a small ball of clay and press it gently into the gaps between the various sizes of the Chaton Stones using a headpin. This allows for a bit of clay to be built up so additional Chaton Stones have plenty of clay to be pressed into. Wipe away the excess Black Crystal Clay if it has spread out onto the surrounding Chaton Stones.
Use your fingers to gently press the Chaton Stones into the clay, making sure that all of the Chaton Stone points are secure and embedded fully into the clay. The Black Crystal Clay will harden within 2 hours and fully cure within 24.

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