Lindsay’s Favorite Ear Wire!

I am in love with this one ear wire – I think I use it for almost every earring I make! The 14mm Sterling Silver Ear Wire! By its description, it’s just a basic sterling silver French ear wire – but it’s more than that. Instead of the standard round wire, this is made with square wire, which causes the flat surfaces of the wire catch the light ever so slightly. Plus, the loop in front is not just a simple turned loop. It has a little extra decorative loop – a little flourish! One of the best things about this ear wire is even with its short tail (part that goes in your ear), it doesn’t seem to ever fall out of my ear!

There is also a “sister” ear wire to this one that features a more unique shape! The 18mm Sterling Silver Ear Wire:

If you try it, you may start loving it just as much as I do! What do you think of these distinctive ear wires?

Sparkle! – Lindsay


2 comments to Lindsay’s Favorite Ear Wire!

  • Shelley

    I wish these came in gold tone, copper, antique brass and hematite

  • Dawn Kay

    Thanks for sharing Lindsay. I’ve been looking at these for sometime now. I didn’t realize that they were made out of square metal instead of round. I’ll have to look closer next time.
    Lindsay, have you tried to make these yourself?

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