Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Innovations Fall/Winter 2014/15

It’s that time again, Swarovski Elements has launched its new innovations for Fall/Winter 2014/15 and we are very excited to announce this beautiful new launch. The new colors are delightful and there are exciting new shapes for every taste. Take a peek:

Crystal Lilac Shadow (001 LISH) – New Effect

Violets stand for romance, gold for splendor. Crystal Lilac Shadow is both. With its rich coloring and subtle golden coating that contains real gold, Crystal Lilac Shadow brings to mind imperial purple. An indisputably modern interpretation, it appears romantic and precious, almost royally opulent.
A luxurious, deep tone of purple with an exciting hint of gold that both enriches and evokes mystery in designs – a standout shade that is unique to Swarovski.

Dark Moss Green (260) – New Color

Introducing the natural into the urban, this rich, tourmaline tone has been inspired by genuine gemstones. Its jewel-like character is the perfect statement for all seasons and closes another gap in the color assortment.
With Dark Moss Green it’s all about “back to nature.” The opulent dark green reflects both bold traditional looks and futuristic designs following the neo-ecological trend.
By mimicking the most precious material nature offers – genuine gemstones – Dark Moss Green is a must for the current ecology-aware trends that seek a touch of luxury.

Crystal Blackberry Pearl (001 784) – New Effect

Crystal Blackberry Pearl recalls the ripeness of late summer berries and represents the very blood running through this fall’s fashion veins.
Combine Crystal Blackberry Pearl with sparkling elements in Dark Moss Green or Crystal Lilac Shadow to give them a powerfully dark frame.
Berry has been identified as the leading trend color this fall. Crystal Blackberry Pearl is therefore the epitome of fashion, bringing a subtle, hypnotizing mysterious quality to the scene.

Dome Bead large (Art. 5541) – New Article

Romantic meets rock meets VIP.
The spiky character of the Dome Bead large means that it is predestined for glamorously feminine looks that are quite literally “edgy.” It symbolizes cool romanticism, elegant rockabilly, or self-confident classicism.
Use the Dome Bead Large to construct on-trend spikes and play with strong contrasts, particularly by combining it with round elements such as the Crystal Globe Bead, the art. 5000 Bead, or any version of Crystal Pearls.

Dome Bead small (Art. 5542) – New Article

Romantic meets rock meets VIP.
The copula-shaped character of the Dome Bead small means that it is predestined for glamorously feminine looks that are quite literally “edgy.” It symbolizes cool romanticism, elegant rockabilly or self-confident classicism.
Use the Dome Bead small to construct on-trend rivet patterns. It also serves perfectly as bead cap.

Crystal Coin Pearl (Art. 5860) – New Article

Smooth, lustrous and flawless like a classic pearl, the Crystal Coin Pearl has a flattened shape and is a stunning new addition to the pearl assortment.
The Crystal Coin Pearl fits into countless designs, especially earrings and necklaces, and feels comfortably soft when worn directly on the skin. Because of their flat shape, they are lighter compared with the regular Crystal Pearls, so you can even use larger sizes without making your designs too heavy.
The flat shape allows for easy application and creates a magnificently elegant appeal.

XILION Triangle Pendant (Art. 6628) – New Article

A triangle is the geometric embodiment of versatility. In this way, the Triangle Pendant has the makings of a fantastic component in discreet looks and also a basic element in outstanding couture pieces.

Urban Pendant (art. 6696)

The sleek Urban Pendant was inspired by the stark simplicity of the dog-tag. It is truly a unisex pendant, a crystal that signals masculine fashion-forwardness and sporty femininity.

Clover Pendant (Art. 6764) – New Article

Happy-go-lucky. The four hearts that form the Clover Pendant are more than a playful component – they make up a talisman that promises good luck and brightens up your day.
Joyful, optimistic, romantic. The Clover Pendant belongs to vibrant looks that make a feel-good statement.

Chessboard Sew-on Stone (Art. 3220) – New Article

Straight, true, and cool – these are the main characteristics of the popular Swarovski Chessboard cut. Its range has now been expanded with the Round Chessboard Sew-on Stone, which combines a round shape with elegant angular elements.
Making the Chessboard cut younger, easier to apply, and softer, the Round Chessboard Sew-on Stone is a must for contemporary, classic, and unisex looks.

Heart crystal Button (Art. 3023) – New Article

Cute and filigree, the Heart Crystal Button is a simple yet refined version of an eternal symbol, both “heart-warming” and functional.
The Heart Crystal Button is the ideal finish for looks full of innocent romanticism and a tender, feminine sense of style that is closely linked to 1950s nostalgia.
It suits kids’ clothing and playful bridal wear, but also complements sensual lingerie and Bavarian-style “dirndl” dresses.

Keep an eye out for all of these new beads and pendants. They will be available on soon! What are you most excited about? – Sam

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