Pinterest – A Design Tool

Pinterest is a great way to keep all your ideas and inspiration in one, easily accessible place. It’s structured in a pinboard layout, allowing you to see and organize all the beautiful images you’ve collected. There’s no limit to the amount of boards and pins you can have! Click on an image to see it enlarged. Click again to go to the website the image came from. Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize Pinterest as a design tool instead of just eye candy!

Collect supply resources: Keep all your favorite suppliers – like – in one place by pinning an image from their website. Just click through an image to go to that website and get the things you need!

Design inspiration: When working on a new design, pin images that have a look, shape or style you want to emulate. Pinterest’s layout allows you to see the images you’ve pinned all at once, helping you pull a cohesive design idea out of the elements you’ve collected.

Project Supplies: Compile items for your next order on a pinboard. You’ll be able to see all the shapes, colors and finishes of the pieces you’ll use next to each other on your board. You can quickly see if a key element is missing and how all the pieces will work together!

Themes: Dreaming of Rome or a fantasy garden full of faeries and flowers? Does the architecture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral send your mind to wonderful places? Perhaps the ocean conjures mystical images of mermaids swimming in sparkling blues and greens? Make a pinboard with the images that inspire your creativity! Looking at a theme board will get your creative juices flowing and kick-start your next project.

Color ideas: Each new Fusion Beads Color Idea generates lots of buzz. These amazing color palettes are a great way to make a cohesive colorway for a design. Create your own Color Idea pinboards by pinning swatches of color. These can be blocks of color, fashion, nature photography, paint samples, patterns, beads – anything that fits into your color theme.

Look book: Love classic Hollywood style? Maybe that new runway trend has really caught your eye? Is there a clothing line you just can’t get enough of? Make a pinboard based on a look you adore right now! Look books help you identify how jewelry in a specific trend is worn – along with the sizes, lengths, textures, colors and shapes that bring it all together!

Helpful tips: Keep track of jewelry making tips and tricks you run across on Pinterest, blogs, eMagazines and other websites by pinning them to a Helpful Tips pinboard! That way you’ll have them handy and easily accessible whenever you run into trouble!

Storage ideas: This is one of Fusion’s most popular boards on Pinterest. Organizing my creative supplies is always a challenge and having storage ideas really helps me make sure I can find my tools and supplies when I need them. Pinterest is packed with innovative and practical organizing solutions from crafters around the world!

And remember, when you’re on Pinterest you can follow other pinners and they can follow you. As you pin the images you’re inspired by you’re also inspiring crafters and beaders in your online community!

So come play with us on Pinterest by following Fusion Beads’ pins! If you haven’t started with Pinterest yet, they’ve provided a great page with Pinterest Basics to help you get started!

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