Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Taking accurate measurements before you start making a bracelet is essential to create a piece that not only fits, but is comfortable to wear. The most basic wrist measurement is taken by wrapping a flexible tape measure around the widest part of the wrist, across the wrist bones and slightly above where your wrist bends. If you like your bracelets to fit snugly, work with the actual wrist measurement, but making the bracelet slightly larger can lead to a more comfortable piece of jewelry! For example, my wrist measures 5.5 inches, but when I make myself a bracelet I add at least 0.5-1 inch to the length to get my ideal fit.


The basic wrist measurement works for most narrow bracelets. If you’re making a wide cuff bracelet you’ll want to measure the circumference farther up your arm. For example, if you are making a 2 inch wide cuff you’ll measure the circumference of your arm 2 inches up from your wrist bones. Since your arm gets larger the farther you go from the wrist, this will make sure your bracelet fits that wider point as well as your wrist.


For a bangle bracelet you’ll take a completely different measurement. Since this type of bracelet slides on you need it to fit over the widest part of your hand. Make your hand into a duck shape by touching all your fingertips to the tip of your thumb, then use that flexible measuring tape to measure around your knuckles. Making your bangle this circumference will ensure you can get the bracelet on and that it’s less likely to slip off accidentally.


Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen


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