Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to Julie P, on winning this fun assortment of seed bead mixes and bead crochet supplies! We hope you enjoy!

It’s time to mix it up! We here at are giving away an amazing selection of size 11 and size 8 seed bead mixes as well as all of the supplies you would need to make amazing bead crochet pieces! Have you learned how to bead crochet yet? If not, check out our helpful Bead Crochet Techniques at for detailed step-by-step instructions! One lucky winner is going to receive everything you see in this photo which includes: 6 different Size 8 Seed Bead Mixes, 6 different Size 11 Seed Bead Mixes, Superlon Bead Cord, Bead Crochet Hook, Tulip Tapestry Needle Set and Twisted Needles! If you would like a more detailed description of what is available in this giveaway click here! For a chance to win this colorful mix of seed beads and bead crochet supplies, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite colors to combine in a seed bead mix are! A winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

Good Luck! – Allie

866 comments to Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

  • I love bead crochet, chains and beads, everything. I would love to try the other threads, as I never done before.

  • Vicky Perrenot

    Oh, I just learned how to do bead crochet and I love it! I would love to have these materials to practice with!

  • che bella iniziativa!!i miei colori preferiti sono in assoluto il nero e l’ematite,ma anche tutti i colori pastello!!ma se dovessi vincere… bene tutto!!!grazieee

  • ShannonAsbill

    I love to mix pinks and greens with silver or gold. Or jewel tones – ruby, sapphire, emerald with gold or silver. And a tiny Swarovski crystals in clear for more sparkle! :)

  • Jean

    I’d LOVE to learn how to bead crochet! My favorite colors to combine right now are teal green and purple.

  • Jane Penrose

    I like to mix blues, greens and browns together. They look great! Fabulous bead crochet giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • E. Lanz

    Thanks for the information. I never win anything, but I love bead crochet now and I thought I would let you know!

  • gio974

    i love using blue and yellow…

  • Giuseppina

    Bellissimi, io amo i colori bronzo turchese argento e nero. Grazie mille mi piacerebbe partecipare

  • Barbara

    I am so excited about this giveaway…I have been wanting to learn how to bead crochet and this would be the perfect opportuinty! All the color mixes are beautiful although I lean towards greens with cream and yellows. Good luck to everyone!

  • Jessamyn H.

    I have been wanting to bead crochet and this give away would be great to start! My favorite color combo is turquoise and silver together.

  • Elisabetta

    Come non partecipare???!!!…
    Grazie dell’opportunità.
    Adoro tutti i colori…i colori della vita…e creare con essi.
    Non ho un Blog ma posterò su la mia pagina Facebook

  • Jeannie

    I love using jewel tones, fuchia-sapphire-emarld-amethist!

  • Larissa

    I love use earth tone colors!

  • Pat

    I love to crochet and bead and I want to try to make a bracelet pattern I saw today on Fusion Beads!
    I would love to make one with black, taupe and silver.

  • Pat

    I love to crochet and bead and I want to try to make a bracelet pattern I saw today on Fusion Beads!

  • Lori M

    I love to combine bright aqua colors and purples with other colors. They really seem to make things pop for me.

  • Elizabethdx

    Blues with an ochre is my all time favorite.

  • Jan

    I love reds and pinks

  • Paulette

    Greens,blues … The color of the sea!

  • Scopro adesso il vostro blog e partecipo volentieri a questo giveaway.Amo ogni tono dell’azzurro, verde e bianco

  • Pam

    I love blue and green and purple. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Beautiful. I like blu, light blu, violet, fuchsia, white and black. Have a nice day. Thank you. Bye

  • Judy

    Beading and crocheting are my two favorite things to do! Blues and golds, especially deep blues and silver-lined, would be pretty.

  • Madeline Cruz

    I love the combination of pink, cream and gold.

  • Alisa

    I love purple and orange….but you have that combo in Sunrise.
    I also love ‘mermaid colors’: teal and purple with some green and blue thrown in.

  • I am just learning bead crochet and I want to thank you for this chance to win some great seed bead mixes to crochet with. My favorite color mix would have blue, aqua, turquoise, and green.

  • Jennifer Barnes

    Combination of cream, mauve and emerald!

  • From these seed bead mixes my favourites are the Vineyard mix and the Jewel mix.

  • Sam H.

    I like to combine bright, happy colors. For example, I like to combine yellow, orange, pink, and light green.

  • Dixie hamilton

    I like earth colors and turquoise and green. Would love to learn to bead crochet.

  • Lotta

    pink, purple, turqoise and silver.

  • Debbi Jacques

    something new for me to learn….i love seed needs!

  • I love different blues. But I also like pink and blue. Basically anything with blue. :)

  • Stephanie Chang

    I love to mix blues and greens with a little metallic for sparkle!

  • Elaine

    I would LOVE to win these!!!!

  • Sharril Bellah

    My favorite colors to use are the colors my clients request. I personally love them all but it’s the customer that makes the color combinations special.

  • Michelle

    I’ve never bead crocheted before, but sounds fun! I’ve been loving black and royal blue together lately. Maybe with a little steel gray mixed in.

  • Tina M.

    I love the fall colors, burgundy, browns, golds with a little color like hunter green or a dark teal. I haven’t learned to bead crochet, but have several instruction books I’ve purchased to learn.

  • Pam W

    This project has made it to my “bucket” list! I so need to find time to do a crochet beaded bracelet.

  • D roach

    Reds and purples

  • Alex

    I love to mix teal and silver colors~ Anything cool, really.

  • Ada Lovelace

    Fav colors?? Gotta be purple and green, with a hint of amber….

  • Fran Thomas

    I do not know how to bead crochet but would love to learn. I love beads and this would be the next step for me. I would love to do something in natural colors. In greens, bronze and purple and in variegated and matted colors.

  • Laurie

    I’m stuck on teals and turquoise right now, but I also love to work with pink and orange. It’s a very fun combination. :)

  • I love Montana Blue! Also, erinite, Aquamarine, Blue Zircon etc. I love your seed bead mixes!

  • Diana K

    Turquoise and lime green.

  • Karen

    LOVE seed beads, one of my favorite crafts is called “Beadmaille” which is a combination of seed beading and Chain Maille, STUNNING projects!!!

  • Julie

    Love the depth of color. They would be fun to work with.