Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Building your beading library can be as important as building your tool collection. Whether you store your resources on a computer or on your bookshelves, it’s nice to have patterns, project ideas and instructions at your fingertips when you’re ready to start a project. Today’s tips will help keep your beading library organized and ready to use!

I store a lot of beading information on my computer in my Bookmarks. This is the perfect place to keep the Fusion Beads free Inspiration Projects and Techniques I keep coming back to. If you save an image of a piece you want to replicate or instructions you’re dying to try directly to your computer don’t forget to cite your source. Recording where you found an idea not only helps you if you need to refer back to it later, but it’s also just good manners to give the original designer credit for their work!

When I find a project or instructions online that I want to save forever I print it out and file it in a project binder. I also use these binders to store class handouts and kit instructions. Saving paper copies like this also makes it convenient when I need to take a project on a trip! For my growing collection of beading magazines, I use Post-it flags to mark projects and articles I know I’ll want to return to. If there are just one or two pieces in a magazine I want to save I’ll pull out just those pages and file them in my binders.

I’ve also started building my own beading library with books I find myself constantly referring to at work or that I check out from the library repeatedly. Fusion Beads stocks over 100 books full of projects, patterns and instructions. You can find information on everything from wire wrapped earrings to intricately beaded boxes in our book collection!


Have you started a beading library yet?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Ann Wittman

    I used to turn over the page of something I really wanted to go back to but recently I started to pull out the pages and file them under the appropriate category. ie: stringing, stitching or wirework. It has really simplified the look backprocess!

  • Mir

    I use Evernote, a free online “notebook.” I can list URLs and copy and paste instructions and photos for reference and inspiration. I can add tags to make searching easy for project types, e.g., necklaces or wire. I scan paper instructions from print pubs so I have my entire library wherever I go on my smartphone or tablet. Love it!

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