Beading And Baseball: A Match Made In Heaven

As all you MLB fans out there already know, Opening Day is just around the corner! What better way is there for a sporty beader to celebrate than to create your own jewelry in your team’s colors?

Disclaimer: Get ready to see a lot of blue and orange, because the Detroit Tigers are the only MLB team that matters. (At least to me!)

We created a “Sports” theme filter in our Inspiration Projects gallery for all you sports-loving beaders out there! Our selection of sports bracelets, necklaces and earrings is growing, so you’ll want to check this section often! One of our latest sports jewelry pieces is the Restore the Roar Bracelet, a fun macrame bracelet that is conveniently already made in Detroit colors and named after a Tigers slogan! Imagine that!

Of course, you don’t have to use the exact materials used in our sports Inspiration – they’re made to be customizable! I took our Opening Day Earrings and switched out the crystals to reflect Detroit’s colors! You can even take a design like the Lions Pride Earrings, and switch out not just the crystal colors but the charms! (Not sure which crystal colors to use? Check out our handy MLB Crystal Color Chart!)

You don’t have to search specifically for sports-oriented designs to make your new project- our Inspiration gallery features tons of gorgeous jewelry pieces that can be easily customized in your team’s colors! For example, I took our Wicked Bracelet and swapped the colors of the beads and WireLace Ribbon out. Ta-da! Instant Tigers-themed bracelet!

You can also opt to create your own design out of a technique of your choosing. There are tons of great techniques that can be adapted to make the perfect baseball jewelry piece! You can include your team’s colors with differently hued beads, pendants, stringing materials, resin pigments, paints, alcohol inks, jewelry clay and so much more. Looking for a specific sports accent? Our Sports Collection has a great selection of beads, charms and metal stamps in various sports motifs! For our 30 Day Bead Challenge, I knew I wanted to create a Tigers bracelet but didn’t have a specific design in mind. I eventually chose the Helm Weave chain maille pattern, selected jump rings in my team’s colors, and added a pewter baseball mitt charm to finish the bracelet off!

Need to make a simple jewelry design that anyone can wear? Try using our Knotting Stretch Magic Technique to string up a quick bracelet or two! These easy bracelets are perfect for all fans of all ages! My friends and I made a huge batch of these glass cat’s eye bead Tigers rally bracelets several seasons ago and our entire group wore them – women, men and children alike!


Will you be making any baseball jewelry for Opening Day? Let’s hear about it!

Happy Baseball Beading! –Gabby

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