Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Last week I almost lost one of my favorite bracelets! The toggle clasp came undone and it slipped off unnoticed in the grocery store. My jewelry was returned to me, but I’ve heard about so many bracelets lost due to faulty clasps that it’s time to share a handy tip – the safety chain!

A safety chain is a small length of chain that functions as an insurance policy against losing your jewelry. Even if the actual clasp of your bracelet breaks or comes undone, a safety chain keeps it from falling off entirely. Toggle clasps are notorious for slipping open when you least expect it and I know I’m not the only person whose magnetic clasp bracelets have been pulled off by shopping carts handles and car doors! While safety chains are often found on expensive or vintage jewelry, but there’s no reason you can’t add a safety chain to any bracelet you don’t want to lose!

Adding a safety chain to a bracelet is a simply process. You’ll need 2 jump rings and 2 inches of chain. (This is another reason I hang on to my chain scraps – they come in handy for projects like this!) 2 inches of chain usually provides enough slack to allow the bracelet to slip over your hand with the safety chain fastened.

If you want to make a detachable safety chain, you’ll also need a small lobster clasp or spring ring. Make sure your jump rings and clasp are large enough to hook into the last link of your bracelet. Use your first jump ring to attach one end of your chain to the last link of your bracelet next to the clasp. Use your second jump ring to attach the other end of the chain to the other end of your bracelet or attach it to your safety chain clasp.

With a safety chain engaged, you won’t have to worry about losing your favorite bracelet!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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  • Linda Carroll

    If you put a lobster type clasp on each end of the safety chain, you can move it from bracelet to bracelet.

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