Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of the most helpful tools for bead weaving is thread conditioner! Applying a conditioner, like beeswax, to your thread prevents fraying and breaking by creating a slick coating that allows the thread to glide smoothly through the eye of your needle and through your beads. The stiffness added by a conditioner makes it easier to thread your needle and it even helps keep your thread from tangling. In short, conditioning your thread can save you from the most common bead weaving headaches!

Beeswax is the most frequently used thread conditioner and there is also synthetic beeswax available if you’d rather not use an animal product. To use any solid thread conditioner, place one end of your thread on conditioner. Hold the thread against the conditioner with your thumb and use your other hand to pull the thread across the surface of the conditioner. The more times you draw your thread over the conditioner, the thicker the coating will be. Be careful not to apply too much wax, since eventually the build-up will start flaking off your thread or clogging the holes of your beads.

If you notice yourself over-using your beeswax, I recommend trying Thread Heaven. No matter how many times you apply it, this synthetic thread conditioner won’t flake off or create noticeable build-up on your thread! Thread Heaven is also great at preventing knots by creating a static electric charge that repels the thread away from itself.

What other tricks do you use to keep your thread from breaking and tangling as you work?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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