Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

It seems like everyone is using leather in their designs these days! I know I’ve fallen in love with wrapped cord bracelets and am excited to try out all of the different sizes and colors of cords we carry. Wrapped cord bracelets are easy to finish with knots, but if you want to use a pre-made clasp like a spring ring or a lobster, knots aren’t the tidiest way to attach a clasp to your piece. If you’re looking for a fancier finish to your leather, you’ll love today’s tips!

Cord ends are a quick and easy way to make the end of your round leather cord compatible with a clasp. Just insert the cord into the cord end and gently squeeze it shut with your chain nose pliers. To get the best fit, make sure you use a cord end with an inner diameter a little bit larger than the diameter of your cord. You can make the connection extra secure by applying a small dot of glue to your cord before inserting it into the end.

Flat leather cords, also referred to as lace, can be more difficult to finish. These don’t fit into cord ends quite as well as round cords, but a little wire wrapping can solve the problem! Fold the end of your lace around a closed jump ring leaving a 1 inch tail. (This is another place where a little dab of glue can go a long way!) Wrap a dead soft wire around the leather, closing the loop around the jump ring. I like making at least six wire wraps and then using my chain nose pliers to tuck in the ends of the wire extra tight.

For more details on how to finish your leather, check out all of our Cord Techniques!


Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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