Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Innovations Spring/Summer 2014

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! It’s finally time for us to reveal the new colors and shapes from the upcoming Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2014! Everyone over here at is absolutely thrilled about these new additions and can’t wait to get our hands on them! We’re especially excited to add the Globe Bead to our stash of basic beads – its consistency in size and color makes it the perfect accent bead to incorporate into designs that feature other Swarovski products!

Crystal Rose Gold – New Effect

The Crystal Rose Gold effect brings together the beauty of crystal and the refinement of precious metal. A final coating of 18-carat rose gold creates a trendy, feminine look in which all that glitters is gold.

Light Silk – New Color

Both timeless and versatile, Light Silk provides accents of refined splendor and can easily be combined with classic and on-trend shades alike.

Crystal Rose Gold Pearl – New Pearl

The Crystal Rose Gold Pearl impresses with its stunning simplicity. A creamy shade of gold, which conjures an irresistible chic vintage effect that will stand the test of time. Couple Crystal Rose Gold Pearl with Crystal Rose Gold or Light Silk for stylish tone-on-tone combinations, with other Crystal Pearls for timelessly beautiful pearlescent designs, or with organically shaped crystals for nature-inspired looks. The Crystal Rose Gold Pearl enhances the Crystal Pearls assortment with an eternally elegant and silky gold tone that radiates seductive feminine charm. A soft burnished sparkle exudes a beautifully muted appeal.

Crystal Globe Bead (art. 5028/4)

The secret to beauty is often simplicity. The Crystal Globe Bead fascinates with its completely round shape which, in its perfection, bears the distinctive signature of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, accompanied by an opulent 3D effect. As a round element, the Crystal Globe Bead combines particularly well with the new Cabochette Bead & Pendant or the classic art. 5000 Bead to create subtly stylish unisex designs. In its perfect simplicity, the Crystal Globe Bead is a masterful ode to Swarovski purity and precision. Its roundness makes it an exceptional and extremely versatile carrier for any color or effect.

Cabochette Pendant (art. 6026)

The Cabochette Pendant has got it all. It blends the aesthetic appeal of precision-cut facets with the simple sophistication of a deliberately smooth surface, offering an entirely different appearance depending on the angle. Use as single dramatic ending drop or combine with the related Cabochette Bead and/or Crystal Globe Bead to create a homogenous stylish unisex look. The romantic Cabochette Pendant is the unique combination of traditional facets and perfectly smooth round appearance, inspired by a glistening water droplet.

XILION Oval Pendant (art. 6028)

The XILION Oval Pendant, already a classic in the Pendant assortment, can now add a touch of eye-catching shimmer to any design thanks to the brilliant XILION cut. It is available in four sizes and a stunning array of colors and effects and can be combined with other existing XILION shapes like the art. 6228 XILION Heart Pendant and with many other bestselling XILION cuts. The launch of the XILION Oval Pendant enables to offer a great package “high quality to an attractive price” of different XILION shapes to very price-sensitive but high quality demanding customers.

Meteor Pendant (art. 6673)

The Meteor Pendant perfectly fits for rock, space, or opulently glamorous looks due to its asymmetric, astral elegance. With its unique cut and brilliant depth, the extraordinarily eye-catching Meteor Pendant exudes otherworldly beauty.

Rivoli Crystal Button (art. 3019)

With its fully faceted Rivoli cut, the new Rivoli Crystal Button presents itself as an elegant addition to the family with all the makings of a true classic. As an elegant, unobtrusive design element, the Rivoli Crystal Button complements any trend, fulfilling women’s current demand for stylish simplicity but also adding a touch of sophistication to menswear. With its two holes, the Rivoli Crystal Button is extremely easy to apply and can be used as a functional button on clothing, a decorative button on accessories, or as a stunning embellishment in interior design.

What are you excited for? – Sam

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