Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Rings require more sizing accuracy than most jewelry projects. And the first step to making a ring that fits is measuring your finger! If you don’t already know your ring size or own a jeweler’s finger gauge, all you’ll need is paper and a pair of craft scissors. Cut a narrow strip of paper approximately a half inch wide and 3 inches long. Wrap the paper strip comfortably around the widest part of your finger and mark where the paper overlaps and trim off the excess. After you use a ruler to measure the new length of your paper, use our handy Ring Sizing Chart to find your size!

Once you know your ring size, you need to form your wire wrapped ring. If you plan on making lots of these rings, the best tool to invest in is a ring mandrel. A mandrel pre-marked with ring sizes will help your wire wraps, as well as your sizes, stay consistent and uniform.

If you’re waiting for your mandrel to arrive or haven’t yet become addicted to ring making, use your strip of paper to find something around the house that’s the same size as your finger! In a pinch Fusion employees have used markers, tools handles, dowel rods, and even bottle necks to make these rings. But fair warning, once you start making wire wrapped rings it’s hard to stop!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen


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