Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Metal stamping has always been very difficult for me due to repeated multiple breaks in my left wrist. When I would try to hold the stamp in my left hand, the position in which I had to hold and grip the stamp would always cause the wrist pain to flare up, leading to misstamps of all kinds- double stamps, weak impressions, complete misstrikes, you name it.

While searching for a solution to my stamping issues, I stumbled across the Thumbsaver Stamp Holder and decided to give it a try. The stamp holder’s primary use is to keep your fingers at a safe distance from the hammer while stamping, but it turns out that it works perfectly for keeping the stamp in place when you have weak wrists! First you set the stamp inside the holder, twist and lock it in place, and then use your whole hand to grip the handle while stamping. Using your whole hand to grip the handle instead of pinching a stamp between two fingers takes considerable stress off your wrist and lets you concentrate on hammering the stamp correctly.

Happy Tuesday! -Gabby

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