A Visit to Swarovski Crystal World

It’s kind of fitting that today is Daniel Swarovski’s 150th Birthday, because today’s blog is about our recent trip to Austria.

Daniel Swarovski

Daniel Swarovski

Some make the pilgrimage from far and wide to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the leaning tower in Pisa…Us? We go to beader’s mecca – Swarovski’s Crystal World in Wattens, Austria!

Swarovski Headquarters

Opened in 1995 to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary, Crystal World consists of 14 different exhibition rooms to showcase the art and form of crystal in all its unique glory. You are greeted outside the museum by the Crystal Giant, who welcomes you into his world below filled with art showcasing our favorite material: Crystal!

Crystal Giant

The Entrance Hall includes crystal art work from artists such as Salvador Dali and Keith Haring, and it also showcases the largest crystal ever cut! It’s a 310,000 carat crystal called the Centenar. Gorgeous!

The Centenar - Largest Cut Crystal

My favorite room by far was the Crystal Dome, where you feel like you’ve stepped inside a crystal with 590 facets surrounding you! Our guide said you could even get married in this room! Can you imagine a crystal wedding?

Crystal Dome

Below are some more amazing shots of the artwork showcased within the giant!

Glittering Winterdreams designed by Tord Boontje and Alexander McQueen

Crystal Taj Mahal

Crystal Empire State Building

55 Million Crystals by Brian Eno

Reflections Room

Leviathan by Thomas Feuerstein

Crystal Facet

Crystal Facet

And of course the tour ends in the most amazing Swarovski store ever… a true shopper’s paradise!

Mari, Lindsay and I in front of our new motto!

Hope you enjoyed my short tour!

Auf Wiedersehen! – Katie


6 comments to A Visit to Swarovski Crystal World

  • Christine Hutchison

    Amazing! I will dream of being well enough to visit there some day. It will be one of my top places to visit! There’s nothing quite like the Swarovski crystals. I never use anything but their crystals in my designs. Thank you for sharing your trip.

    Christine Hutchison

  • Oh my Gosh!! This must have been such a fun trip. I would love to visit someday as well! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Karen Mostowy

    These were beautiful pictures leaving me wanting more. I know I’ll never get to see it in person but I love using the crystals in my projects.

  • Those are really beautiful sites in the world. We do plan to visit Austria some day. We also thanks the ladies for exploring such beautiful areas.

  • Sheri

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I wish I could go there….

  • thank you for sharing i really enjoyed and learned some things

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